Veteran Model Kabareebe, Sharon Promise Recognised at Ghana Awards

Pepper Gossip | Celebrated model Doreen Kabareebe and the rising Sharon Kiyimba Promise were Honored at the International Photo Arena (IPA) awards in Ghana.

IPA Awards is a scheme that aims at recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating the hard work of photography-oriented careers across the world.

Personalities whose works define and promote tourism, art and culture are appreciated with Honoree awards.

On Friday, Doreen Kabareebe and Sharon Kiyimba Promise waved the Ugandan flag as they received their Honoree awards from Ghana-based awards.

Doreen Kabareebe was honoured as an International Outstanding Model at the International Photo Arena awards in Ghana.

Kabareebe was recognised for her exceptional impact that has changed the idea of modelling and how she has encouraged younger models.

Your desire to make a global impact and change the narrative of who a model should be is so overwhelming.

Your quest to make a difference and encourage the young ones must by all standards be celebrated. Well done for the great achievements so far, your legacy will forever live.

The Kabareebe Models 4 Charity CEO was again overwhelmed by one of the models under her management who was also honoured at the same awards.

Sharon Kiyimba Promise, a 17-year-old Ugandan fashion model, was also recognised as an International Young Model Achiever.

“You have chosen this path among many careers because of the drive and love you have for it, so far in your endeavours, you have already caused great impacts by inspiring others to join you and that’s a good start. Congratulations on your achievements so far,” said IPA about Sharon.

IPA seeks to bring out the innovative and creative abilities of individuals communicating through photography while appreciating and celebrating their hard work.

Over the years, photography has been given less attention in many parts of the world, if not most, but Africa has the least attention.

Photography is the ultimate tool that leaves a trail for posterity to follow and learn as well. It is one of the few communication tools that deliver, with ease, the true intent of a thought or an event.

Since the beginning of IPA Awards in 2018 to-date, the awards have had nominees filed from various countries including Australia, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Iran, and India.

With a blossoming career, Kabareebe is also set to host the red carpet for South-Africa-based Dj Ravi’s White party as he celebrates 5 years in the music and entertainment top-flight at the Leonardo hotel Sandton South Africa on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

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