Uganda Airlines Launches International Flights, Debuts with Dubai Route

Entebbe – Uganda Airlines has launched its first international flight and debuting the Dubai road, acting CEO Jennifer Bamuturaki has confirmed.

Bamuturaki revealed that the flight was graced by over 80 people who have paid to fly.

“When I contacted my team this (Sunday) evening, we had about 80 to 100 paying customers, of course, they have to clean up the flight depending on no shows or cancellations, but the numbers on the flight are paying passengers,” Bamuturaki said.

Bamuturaki said that the launch comes at the right time because Dubai is a trade city, in a trade country and they expect to maximise this opportunity.

“Uganda Airlines comes to cement the trade partnerships that we have been talking about during the Dubai Expo, trade partnerships between Uganda and UAE, particularly Dubai, so as an airline, we represent the country,” Bamuturaki added.

Bamuturaki added that Uganda Airlines is bringing together the two countries to do business.

Asked what Uganda Airlines can learn from Dubai’s booming airline business, the acting CEO said that,

“We learn about quality, customer service, quality on board, and when it comes to the type of equipment we are flying with we compare.”

She said the A330 neal that will be plying the Dubai route is the newest of the Airbus model.

“It is beautiful with three classes; business, premium economy and economy, so in terms of competition, we will definitely compete because we have good equipment,” Bamuturaki added.

She said that Uganda Airlines is ready to compete internationally and they can not afford to be mediocre in what they do.

“We call ourselves the friendliest airline because as Ugandans, we are friendly and hospitable so we are bringing that onto the aircraft. We have been very meticulous in terms of what we bring on board, including the food, drinks and every accessory and consumable,” Bamuturaki said

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