Tycoon Ntake Sells Off Delta TV

Ntakke aka Guster Lule and wife

Renowned businessman Gaster Luke Ntake has realised that media business is not easy to run, perhaps because of the effects of COVID-19 on the economy and as you read this, word coming in indicates that he has started selling off some of his businesses which don’t make him profits.


Our Snoops have it on good grounds that among the ventures Ntake has sold so far is his TV station known as Delta TV, which is based at Muganzilwaza building in Kampala.


We are told that Ntake decided to let go of the TV station after realising that it had failed to break even yet operational costs were increasingly becoming unbearable for him.


However, insiders at the station reveal that Ntake has left many of the journalists, programs directors, cleaners and other support staff confused, because many of them wonder if they will be paid.


Although it is now yet clear to whom Delta TV was sold, it is no longer a secret that management of the company has since changed hands yet Ntake, as Chief Executive Officer of the company, is not breathing a word about it.


It should be noted that Ntake, who deals in confectionery and is known for the popular Ntake Bread, although he has also invested heavily in real estate businesses with commercial arcades in Kampala.


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