DNA Results Confirm Ntagali sired Love Kid

Ntagali, Judith and her estranged hubby Tugumehabwe pictured together

By our reporter


The Rtd Archbishop Stanley Ntagali who early this year confessed to sleeping with a married woman, Judith Tukamuhabwa and produced a baby boy with her, kept on his knees praying that DNA results turn out negative. The ‘Thomases’ in his camp who were equally praying and doubtful about the Man of God’s scoring tactics were silenced by the positive DNA results.

The DNA profiles that were recovered from Rtd Archbishop Ntagali, Tukamuhabwa and baby Ravis Mugisha by the Government Analyst, Kirya Musa indicate that he is the true biological dad to the innocent baby.


The report reads: “A statistical analysis was carried out and the Calculated Combined Paternity Index of 3.388X10 for Mugisha Ravis indicates that DNA evidence is 3.388X10 times more likely that Rtd Archbishop Stanley Ntagali is the biological father of Mugisha Ravis than an unrelated untested man in the population.

….In conclusion therefore the results from the analysis strongly support the proposition that the Rtd Archbishop Stanley Ntagali is the biological father of Mugisha Ravis….” The DNA test was reportedly financed by the Church of Uganda for unknown motives.

Until the outcomes of the DNA test, it was doubtful to a section within the church that the Man of God was the true dad. Mugisha’s mother at that time she was still married to Rev. Christopher Tugumehamwe. Since she also had another lover and father of her two first children, (Isaac Akamutuha) and a strong party animal, deep in the heart of the Man of God, he thought the DNA results would cut him off the rope.

However the results have now worsened things. They were released at a time when Tukamuhabwa was threatening to drag the Man of God to court over child neglect. She takes care of herself and son since she is no longer living with Tugumehamwe. She filed for divorce and the case is still in court.

Tukamuhabwa had already told friends that if the archbishop does not take care of his child to the required standards, he risks being forced by the authorities. This was after she reportedly failed to get upkeep from Ntagali for some months.




Once Tukamuhabwa drags the Archbishop Emeritus to court, two cases will be filed against him over the same matter. Earlier this year, Tukamuhabwa’s husband threatened to sue Ntagali so as to recover Shs530m for sleeping with his wife and producing a child with her. Although this could have been revoked by the judgment of the divorce case filed on December 7, 2020 by Tukamuhabwa through her lawyers M/S Newmark advocates, the case stalled.

She asked the court to dissolve her marriage with Tugumehabwe claiming that their marriage was irretrievably broken after all the reconciliation efforts yielded no results. If this was disposed of by court to Tukamuhabwa’s prayers, then Tugumehamwe would be silenced. Some members with the Church of Uganda had moved to negotiate with Tugumehamwe to back off but the matter still hangs in balance. Though Ntagali apologized for committing adultery and publicly confessed to the sinning before Anglican Bishops, selected priests, and faithful who gathered at Namirembe Cathedral and sought for forgiveness from the family of Tugumehamwe the latter’s lawyers claim the incident caused too much stress, trauma and personal anguish to their client.

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  1. That woman is very dagerous she is the reason why these things are happening, she forced our archbishop in fact they should file acase on her for defilement now she is turnishing our church name.may God see her in heaven.

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