BLOW: Ex-Entebbe Mayor Kabuye Loses COVID-19 Testing Deal

The former Entebbe Municipality mayor and Wakiso district NRM chairperson, Steven Kabuye is sad and blue after the parliamentary committee on COVID-19 expenditure resolved to shift the COVID-19 Sample collection center from his Penniel Beach Hotel to Entebbe International Airport.


Kabuye had rented his beach to the Ministry of Health at Shs 80m per month to use it as a sample collection center for retesting and testing suspected COVID-19 patients returning and leaving the country since its mandatory for all returnees who are not fully vaccinated to retest plus those leaving the country.


However, the parliamentary committee on COVID-19 spoiled his bread after returnees disputed the cost of retesting saying it was too expensive to pay Shs 250,000 for just a single test hence the committee decided to move the sample collection center to the Entebbe International Airport where one is required to pay not more than Shs 100,000- for a Covid-19 test.


To make matters worse, the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja also visited Penniel Beach Hotel and interacted with some returnees who cried out to her over the cost of COVID-test and consequently she ordered for the suspension of the collection center and move it to Entebbe International Airport where the cost is offered at a cheaper price.

Kabuye’s pennial Beach Hotel facility where COVID testing has been undergoing

Kabuye who had suffered a big blow following the closure of beaches and other happening places had got some relief when he struck the COVID-19 sample collection center deal but this has been short lived and now he has to wait till the president lifts a ban on operation of beaches.


Sources close to Kabuye indicate that he is apparently depressed because he had just completed a mega building facility within the beach and was expecting to make millions of money till things go back to normal.

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