Ugandan Minister Says Government Will Support The Soul Of My Footprint

The Government of Uganda has pledged it will ensure that The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) gets necessary support they need to realize their dreams, according to a country Minister.

This was revealed by the State Minister in the Office of the Vice President, Hon Diana Mutasingwa who doubles as the woman legislator for Buikwe district, across the Nile.

Alfie Jelks and Roslyn , Founders of TSOMF Hands Over a T-Shirt to Hon.Diana Mutasingwa, the State Minister in the Office of the Vice President

Hon.Mutasingwa was on Tuesday September 21st 2021 speaking during the commissioning of a Hospital Constructed by The Soul of My Footprint at Namiyagi Village ,Wakisi Division in Buikwe District near Jinja.

‘’As a leader, nothing is more glorious than having a good health care facility  in the area where your people can receive better services. We are so happy as Buikwe for the support and love you have shown us” Hon. Mutasingwa noted.

The Minister added that; ‘’the government of Uganda is ready to support you and my office is open for you. We shall have more time to discuss further about a comprehensive partnership .After reaching here , I have proof of the great work you have done to transform our people and we are excited as leaders that you chose this area’’.

Hon.Mutasingwa who was earlier taken to a guided tour around the Hospital, was responding to Ms Namukose Roslyn, the head of The Soul of My Footprint (TSOMF) in Uganda who requested for government support and also pleaded that the President of the Republic of Uganda Yoweri Museveni visits the facility.

An American Medical Team; Nurses Brenda Wade, Jewel Middleton, Katrina Peak and Crystal Alexander with Dr.Merryl Bland During the Mission in Uganda 2021

Roslyn has for years tirelessly supervised the projects of TSOMF in Uganda as the organization founder, Alfie Jelks sources for resources in the United States.

On his side, Alfie told the minister and the community members that all what they have done over the years it’s because of the love they have for the people of Africa.

‘’When you see us, you’re seeing yourselves. We are here because of the love of God and because we love you’’, said Alfie.

The Organization, before kicking off with free treatment of the community members and distributing food, shoes among other items ,donated a TSOMF branded T-shirt to the Minister and encouraged her to disseminate their objectives to the country.

This is not the first time TSOMF is donating items and offering free treatment to the communities in Uganda.

Over the last twenty years, what started as a stream of water has developed into an ocean, following the testimonies from poor families who have received specialized care courtesy of TSOMF and their partners including Map International.

Many vulnerable people especially children, women and the elderly have benefited from several projects piloted by TSOMF in Jinja and the neighboring villages.

Patients have been walking miles to access the already congested health facilities, with expectant mothers and the elderly affected more.

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