Kibwetere ‘Son’ Nabbed Over Cannibal Activity

Luweero – Zirobwe Police station in Luweero district, under Savannah region police, are holding a one Lugambwa Juvenile Kibwetere who claims to be the son of Joseph Kibwetere; the mastermind of the March 2001 Kanungu inferno where thousands of believers were torched in a church, after being duped by the latter that they were going to heaven as the leader of the cult had predicted an Armageddon at the turn of the 21st century.

The residents accuse him of burying people alive in his backyard found in Kilambula in Zirobwe; Luweero district along the Gulu highway. This was after the residents carried out a search in his home and found body parts, and a deep hole with a semblance of a grave, after which they alerted police who swang into action.

One of the residents who spoke to this newspaper, said that Kibwetere’s behaviour is elusive in nature in that he doesn’t accept any visitors at his home, and his makeshift gate is always shut, something which raised suspicion among his neighbours. “at night I used to hear scary sounds of cats meowing and a voice of a girl wailing ruhanga wangye, ruhanga wangye (loosely translated as my God my God)for help,” she narrated.

On breaking into his residents, they found cats, and two tortoises, plus a 13-year-old daughter of the suspect. Shockingly, the unnamed girl was found wrapped up like a corpse who looked frail in nature.

In his residence were also found two motor vehicles both Toyota series. This reporter was able to identify the license plate numbers of the two cars as UAH 907F Toyota Caldina black in colour, and the second car; a MARK 11 2000 series license plate number UAK 760M white in colour. At his residence was also found a tricycle commonly known as tuk tuk red in clour with plate number UEN 988B.

As if that is not enough, on  further search, there was found a hidden bar and restaurant which the residents said they had no idea about

We have a resident here in the village with heinous characters, we are afraid for our own lives because he is unpredictable in nature and we don’t know his necxt move.

The area LC3 of Zirobwe division in Luweeero Okiror Expedito requested Police to give a search warrant so that that Kibwetere’s residence is searched inside out to alley any more fears of criminal activity.

Upon interrogation by police; Kibwetere who claims to be the second born of his father said that he dug the grave in anticipation that his frail daughter would die, so that he buries her there and then since he doesn’t have many friends in the neighbourhood who could have come to his aid in the unlikely demise of his daughter.

When we contacted Issa Semwogerere; the spokesperson of the Savannah region in the Uganda Police, he said he was not privy of the arrest and was yet to be briefed by the OC CID of Zirobwe, whom we also tried to call on his known mobile number to no avail by press time.

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