Drama in court as Museveni Brother Sodo, Nephew MP Kangwagye testify

Godfrey Sodo Kaguta (left) MP Kangwagye Steven (middle) and one of their lawyers at Mbarara High Court

Mbarara | RedPepper Digital Drama ensued in Mbarara High Court, on Monday evening, with President Museveni’s young Brother Godfrey Aine Sodo Kaguta and their Nephew MP Steven Kangwagye Rwakanuma appearing in court to respond and testify in the case where they accuse by Dr. Moses Ampairwe over irregularities in the last general election for Bukanga County MP seat.

The gist took another twist after Sodo was brought in the dock of the court on the allegations that he was involved in irregularities that took place in the Bukanga Constituency Member of Parliament general election between the current area MP Kangwagye and Dr. Moses Ampairwe, the petitioner in this case.

While appearing in Court the drama was between Sodo and Mpairwe’s Lawyer Frank Kandiho who shortly withdrew his cross-examination from Sodo because of confusion caused by Him. 

During the cross-examination, Sodo surprised the court that he doesn’t know English, therefore, needed to be translated into Runyankore to clearly communicate to the court.

As if this wasn’t enough, Sodo’s way of responding to questions from Kandiho did not amuse him(Kandiho), Kandiho reached to the extent and stopped cross-examining him because what he was answering did not match with the Lawyer’s questions. 

Having contested in the Mawogora Constituency in Ssembabule District race against Sam Kutesa’s Daughter, Sodo later withdrew from the race under influence of the top leadership of this country.

Basing on that background and his affidavits of evidence for the case in court, Kandiho diverted Sodo and tasked him to tell the court how he withdrew from the race without writing and filling a form from the office of the District Returning Officer.

He tasked him to tell the court based on his affidavits why the form presented as his affidavit had no stump and signature from the Returning Officer. As one is melting down, he then answered that he got the stump of the representative of Electoral returning Officer.

Kandiho told him that Sodo is lying in court because he didn’t write a formal letter to the electoral commission. 

He then also asked Sodo that how did he write the letter  yet he claims that he doesn’t know how to write and how to read or how to speak English?

“But isn’t writing through email also another way of writing? me I wrote an email showing how I had withdrawn from the race, so what is wrong with that? I never filled the form from the electoral commission offices but I cleared everything by using email. On the polling day I went to my polling station and voted, then later I went to the office of Electoral  Returning Officer to do some stuff and from thereafter I went back home to follow the results of the President” said Sodo. From that point of such statements, Kandiho mocked Sodo and told him that he is telling lies to the court ” Mr. Sodo

In this case, Sodo is accused alongside his Elder Brother Micheal Nuwagira Toyota as witnesses of the first respondent Kangwagye for involving themselves in aiding Kangwagye whom they call their nephew to win the last elections. Mpairwe allegedly accuse Sodo and Toyota that they used their influence as the first family to intimidate voters in the Bukanga constituency favouring Kangwagye. In one of the affidavits, Mpairwe reveals that Kangwagye used excessive forces during the time of polling and during elections campaigns whereby he alleges that he was giving out bribes to the voters yet it is not allowed according to the constitution of the electoral commission.

During the cross-examination, Kangwagye who also testified on the same day, he trashed all the allegations and regarded them as the intention to tarnish his name and a malicious move with an intention to overturn his victory. 

In an exclusive interview with journalists after the court session, Mpairwe said that his witnesses were ably in a position to answer all the questions that were imposed on them.

“So to us we think that this temple of justice will deliver the justice that indeed is thought, and I know the people of Bukanga are too expectant for victory from this case because as you can see we have 55 witnesses out of 62, that shows that they are eager to come and give their testimonies on what transpired during elections” Mpairwe the petitioner. 

The case was adjourned to this Tuesday this week for further cross-examination as more witnesses testify.

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