YOSCHOOLS ANALYSIS: Do Cut-off points at O’level imply better grades in UCE?

Kampala – The UCE 2020 candidates were under normal circumstances supposed to sit their PLE not later than 2016 but earlier is allowed.

This is according to the UNEB system for the registration of candidates.

In Wakiso district, many schools propose and implement cut off points beyond which they don’t give vacancies to students.

However, YoSchools, a tech data analysis platform, conducted a comparison with 2016 PLE candidates that scored Division 1 and their UCE 2020 results; unearthing disturbing disparities.

“Over 1000 students who scored Division one in PLE failed to score the same or even Division 2 at UCE but rather scored Division 3!  This raises questions on how the students managed to acquire the grades or on why they failed to maintain,” read a report from https://yoschools.com/ platform.

Into the stats

To get a division one in UCE, a student must have Passed a minimum of eight subjects which must include English Language (with Credit), a Humanity subject, Mathematics and, except for Visually challenged candidates, a science Subject. At least seven of the subjects must be passed at credit level or better. The aggregates for the best eight done subjects must not exceed 32.

The table below shows the numbers of Division 1 PLE 2016 Candidates who got beyond Division 2 at UCE 2020. Last two columns show those that got Division 1 at PLE to 3 and 4 at Olevel respectively.

Analysis by YoSchools

No.SchoolFrom PLE 1 – O’level (Div. 3)From PLE 1 – O’level (Div. 4)
1St.Peters Secondary School, Naalya235
2Kitala Secondary School,Kisubi1611
3Nsangi Secondary School159
4Airforce Secondary School,Entebbe1212
5Bilal Islamic Institute168
6Light Sec. And Voc. School,Bulenga157
7Kyaddondo Secondary School191
8Lukwanga Secondary School611
9Merryland High School,Katabi136
10Global Harvest Secondary School108
11Standard High School,Zzana126
12K.Garden Groove College,Budo115
13Kinaawa High School,Mugongo132
14London College Of St.Lawrence142
15Sam Iga Memorial College88
16Trinity Senior Academy,Entebbe123
17Bulenga Parents Secondary School86
18Lugoba High School,Nabweru76
19Onwards & Upwards Ss,Buloba85
20St.Peters Secondary School,Seguku58
21Bankhill College86
22Buddo Secondary School113
23St.Francis High School,Namagoma104
24Bweyogerere High School57
25Entebbe Parents Secondary School67
26Kasengejje Secondary School46
27Lubugumu Jamia High School67
28St.Pius Secondary School,Kiziba67
29Bp.Sisto Mazzoldi Secondary School,Lweza66
30Ibun Masood High School,Makindye102
31Kikaaya College School,Bulenga46
32Mugwanya Summit College66
33Naggulu Seed School75
34Namulonge C/U  Secondary School56
35St.Marys High School,Katale-Bunamwaya101
36Atlas High School,Gayaza92
37Balibaseka Secondary School92
38Kajjansi Progressive Secondary School92
39Kampala City School,Nansana27
40Lutembe Boarding School56
41Matugga Mixed Secondary School56
42Wampewo Ntakke Secondary School110
43Bright Future Academy,Bulaga55
44Bukalango Secondary School14
45Buwambo Seed Secondary School100
46Emirates High School63
47Entebbe  Secondary School82
48Entebbe Comprehensive Secondary School04
49Gayaza Cambridge College82
50Gganda Secondary School,Nansana46
51Ibun Hamis Islamic School,Kigoogwa73
52Kirinya C/U Secondary School,Kireka73
53Masuliita Secondary School73
54Nansana Education Centre63
55St.Lucia Hill School,Namagoma55
56St.Marks College,Namagoma100
57St.Marys High School,Migadde64
58Boston High School,Mpala63
59Bright Future Vocational Ss,Kawempe18
60Entebbe Kings Secondary School63
61God Cares High School81
62Kisubi Mapeera Secondary School81
63Merryland High School,Entebbe90
64St.Andrews College,Ssanda72
65Stafford High School,Kagoma36
66World Ahead Secondary School,Matugga72
67Africana High School,Kibiri35
68Bethel Covenant College62
69Cityland College,Matugga62
70Eden High School34
71Elite High School,Entebbe62
72Fairway High School,Kazo43
73Henry Kasule Memorial College,Kakiri44
74Kawanda Secondary School62
75Kigoogwa Mixed High School26
76Kinaawa High School,Kawempe80
77Madinah Islamic Secondary School,Nsangi71
78Makerere Secondary School53
79Mbogo Mixed Secondary School80
80Our Lady Of Good Counsel80
81Oxford High School,Kyebando35
82Rines Secondary School,Namusera62
83St.Charles Lwanga Int. Secondary School53
84St.Johns High School,Kawempe44
85Zana Mixed Secondary School53
86Aggrey Memorial Secondary School33
87Buloba Christian High School52
88Comprehensive College,Kitetikka52
89Ebenezer Christian Ss,Entebbe61
90Entebbe Hall23
91Exodus College School,Mmende70
92Iqra High School23
93Irma Pfeiffer Bweya High School34
94Kireka High School61
95Kyengera Central College33
96Namboole High School70
97New High Tech Secondary School,Kajjansi51
98Olympio High School61
99Rahmah Muslim High School,Makindye42
100St.Mbaagas College,Naddangira52
101St.Noas Girls Secondary School,Zzana70
102Vision College,Kikajjo43
103Alliance High School,Nansana24
104Amity Secondary School,Nansana-Ganda60
105Bahati High School,Lweza32
106Buddo College42
107Bukasa High School33
108Buwambo Secondary School23
109Divine College,Wakiso42
110Emirates College School,Kakiri51
111Good Shepherd High School,Nansana15
112Greenstars High School,Entebbe60
113Katikamu Secondary School,Gayaza33
114Kawuku Secondary School41
115Kazo Secondary School51
116Kira Secondary School,Namugongo42
117Kirinya High School22
118Kitende Secondary School60
119Kitetikka High School23
120Luigi Giussani High School33
121Mary Reparatrix Secondary School42
122May Christian College,Nkumba42
123Mende Kalema Memorial Secondary School41
124Mount Of Olives College,Kakiri51
125Mutundwe Young Christian Ss33
126Passion Christian H/S,Kyebando51
127Royal College,Naalya-Gayaza24
128St.Henrys College,Kampala51
129St.Kizito High School,Namugongo33
130St.Marys Secondary School Annex,Kitende42
131Summit High School33
132Wakiso Muslim Secondary School42
133Zana Christian High School60
134Bbaale Secondary School41
135Bethel High School23
136Bweyogerere Secondary School41
137Divine Secondary School,Bujuuko31
138Good Samaritan High School,Nansana14
139Hope Boarding Secondary School,Lutembe41
140Jjungo Secondary School22
141Kakungulu High School,Bombo23
142Kennedy Secondary School,Kisubi41
143Kisubi High School50
144Light College,Katikamu41
145Light High School,Seguku23
146Majet Secondary School,Nansana32
147Masajja Secondary School22
148Motherland Academy32
149Mugezi Secondary School,Kisubi41
150Munyonyo High School32
151Muwanguzi High School,Kampala31
152Nampunge Community High School41
153Nansana Secondary School14
154Nanziga Parents Secondary School14
155Nkoowe High School32
156Setlight Quality Secondary School,Buzzi23
157St.Augustines College,Wakiso50
158St.John Gayaza Town College40
159St.Jonah High School,Namugongo41
160St.Marys Secondary School,Mutungo05
161St.Matia Mulumba Secondary School41
162St.Pauls Secondary School,Lweza32
163St.Theresa Secondary School,Buloba40
164Uganda Martyrs Vocational & Ss,Nabweru32
165Verona High School,Mutundwe41
166Aidan College,Kampala31
167Angel High School,Lweza31
168Blasio Kkonde Memorial Secondary School13
169Bright Trust Secondary School,Kyengera13
170Buddo Christian Secondary School22
171Bulooba Royal College40
172Clive College,Kireka03
173Excel High School40
174Extreme High School,Namayumba30
175Good Shepherd High School,Bweyogerere40
176Hannah High School,Gayaza22
177Highfield High School Of East Africa22
178Imperial High School,Ssanga13
179Kampala Islamic Secondary School31
180Kasangati High School22
181Kasanje High School13
182Kawempe Royal College,Bulaga31
183Lake View Kitinda C/U High School02
184Lugoba Muslim Voc. Secondary School13
185Martin Luther King College13
186Mita College,Kawempe31
187Mt.Vernon School,Maya12
188Nabitalo Secondary School31
189Najjeera High School22
190Namalere Girls Secondary School04
191Nibras Islamic Ss,Manyangwa Gayaza21
192Peace High School,Matugga22
193Prosper High School31
194St.Aloysius Secondary School,Nabbingo40
195St.Catherine Secondary School,Nabbingo31
196St.Charles Lwanga Ss,Kibiri13
197St.Henrys Buyege Secondary School31
198St.Johns Secondary School,Matugga13
199St.Mark High School,Lusanja22
200St.Marys Secondary School,Kyebando13
201St.Marys Voc. Secondary School,Kavumba13
202St.Paul Secondary School,Nakyessanja40
203Sumayya Girls High School,Nsangi40
204Anwar Muslim Secondary School12
205Bridges College,Zana20
206Brixton Secondary School,Wattuba12
207Buganda College,Wakiso11
208Buloba Secondary School21
209Cornerstone High School,Nangabo21
210Crane High School,Bwerenga21
211Daar-Ssalaam Secondary School21
212Devine High School,Mpererwe20
213Entebbe Girls Secondary School12
214Entebbe Lake View Secondary School30
215Fitra High School,Bulenga12
216Iqra High School,Nansana30
217Jovens High School,Entebbe03
218Kawere Memorial High School,Namugongo30
219Kikajjo Sda High School03
220Kinaawa High School,Kasangati21
221Kitagobwa High School12
222Life College School,Kitagobwa30
223London High School,Nansana30
224Menlik Secondary School,Matugga11
225Mwererwe Secondary School01
226Ndiwulira Memorial College,Mbalwa21
227Our Lady Consolata Ss,Kireka30
228Revival Grammar Secondary School,Matugga12
229Salvation College,Kajjansi12
230Savio Secondary School,Ttula30
231St.Francis Secondary School,Nansana30
232St.George High School,Wakiso30
233St.Henrys College,Gangu30
234St.Henrys School,Kyengera21
235St.James High School,Kirinya12
236St.Johns Secondary School,Ntebetebe21
237St.Josephs Secondary School,Namugongo21
238St.Marys High School,Gayaza03
239St.Peters Lwadda Secondary School21
240Stride High School21
241Top Times High School21
242Trinity High School,Masajja21
243Turkish Light Secondary School30
244Ubuntu Hill School30
245Victorian High School,Entebbe21
246Airfield High School,Kajjansi11
247Answar Muslim High School11
248Bethany High School,Naalya11
249Bright Future Bwebajja Secondary School20
250Buloba High School20
251Busiro Modern Academy01
252Buwagga Secondary School,Kasangati20
253Cambridge Secondary School,Kyengera11
254Divine Secondary School,Kitala11
255Ebenezer Christian H/S,Bulenga11
256Entebbe Central School11
257Gayaza C/U Secondary School,Nagabo20
258Gayaza Road Triangle Ss,Kiwenda11
259Gifted Hands Secondary School,Kawanda20
260Greenlight High School,Kampala20
261Greenlight Islamic Ss,Nansana11
262Hana Mixed Secondary School20
263Hawa Secondary School,Kampala20
264Holy Family Secondary School,Namayumba20
265Kingsway High School11
266Kkan High School,Namasuba20
267Kyasa Secondary School11
268Lubiri High School,Buloba Campus20
269Majorine College,Mulawa20
270Marvel Secondary School,Wakiso11
271Matugga Wisdom Secondary School02
272Mbogo High School20
273Mirembe Islamic Secondary School02
274Mmanze Secondary School11
275Mugongo Secondary School,Kyengera20
276Namugongo Secondary And Voc. School20
277Pere Grandmaison Mem. Secondary School02
278Sacred Heart High School,Wamirongo02
279Savannah Secondary School11
280Selona Secondary School11
281Sos Hermann Gmeiner Secondary School20
282Spire High School,Gayaza20
283St.Anthony High School,Ggangu11
284St.Barnabas College,Migadde11
285St.Edwards College,Galamba20
286St.Elizabeth Secondary School,Nkoowe20
287St.Geralds College,Wakiso11
288St.Johns Wakiso Secondary School11
289St.Lawrence Citizens High School Horizon20
290St.Thomas Aquinas Ss,Kawempe11
291Standard College Secondary School,Nsangi11
292Standard Secondary School,Bweyogerere11
293Taibah International School20
294Tender Talents Magnet School20
295Trust High School,Kabubbu11
296Ample High School,Mutundwe10
297Awegys Christian Comp. Secondary School10
298Blessed Hill High School,Wakiso01
299Bussi Seed Secondary School10
300Caring Heart Secondary School01
301Christ The King Girls Ss,Matuga10
302Christs City Secondary School,Mmanze10
303City Secondary School,Kayunga Wakiso10
304Excel Millenium High School,Kampala01
305Gayaza Islamic Secondary School10
306Grace High School,Bulamu01
307Hillside Secondary School,Matugga01
308Hope Senior School,Bbira10
309Joy High School,Entebbe10
310Kabanyolo High School01
311Kakiri Secondary School01
312Kikkandwa Community School01
313Kisozi High School10
314Marisons High School10
315Masooli Secondary School10
316Nambula High School,Nakasajja10
317Ndejje High School,Lubugumu10
318Ndejje Islamic Secondary School10
319Premier High School,Masajja01
320Qamar High School,Bunamwaya,Ngobe10
321Rochdale High School,Nansana10
322Seeta-Kasangati Secondary School01
323Seguku Hill College01
324Springfield High School,Matugga10
325St.Gerald Millenium High School01
326St.Henrys College,Mbalwa10
327St.Kizito Secondary School,Kasanje01
328St.Lawrence Secondary School,Banda10
329Temple High School01
330Transform Educational Centre,Kasangati10
331Trinity College,Nabbingo10
332Wakiso Secondary School For The Deaf01
333Wits College,Namulanda10

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