Shocking; On releasing new hit, Van Data’s untold story surfaces

Sensational dancehall and Afrobeat singer Van Data has released his fresh masterpiece with Daddy Andre called Personal Person. The lyrics of the song are simply amazing. On the same day, he told us the untold story behind his successful music career. Read on

Your stage name Van Data sounds so rare, how did you choose it?

Well, I didn’t choose it. It was given to me by my friend who thought I had a lot of Data in my head.

Where did your musical journey start?

From a childhood group called TP and ME (Talent promotion and moral Excellence) where we learned a lot to do with music.

Among all industries, why did you join the controversial music industry?

I didn’t choose music hehe Music chose me. It’s love and passion. You can’t run away from that.

Is Music your full-time job? What did you study or do apart from music?

Music is always an all-time job even when u are showering using but am a businessman and a social worker apart from just music u can’t rely on just music u always need a backup.

Growing up as a young boy, what sort of character were you?

Hmm a stubborn but brilliant young boy

Let’s talk about your new song, What is the song all about? Who wrote it and recorded it?

Haha, it’s about a personal person each of us wrote their parts in the song and was produced by Daddy Andre himself.

Before this song, what other songs have you recorded?

I have 2 albums. People just Google Van Data trust me they will get the work.

You’ve worked with Daddy Andre, how is he in person? The fact there are so many stories around him, from breaking girls hearts to failed marriage with Nin Roz.. :

Well as for me he is a talented brother the rest of what people think he can answer that when u guys find him hehe

You’ve a soothing voice, do you use it to get what you want in life?

hmmm it’s a natural voice maybe sometimes it gets me to pass even without me knowing the reason

You Are based in Europe, how do you promote your music?

I travel a lot but am based in Uganda more so friends do a big role in helping

Then, what is your target audience since most music fans in Europe are English speaking?

My target Audience is Music lovers

In Europe what exactly do you do? Is music your full-time job?

Art is my full-time job and music is art so it’s part of It.

Now that you’ve broken through to the top level, what is your music plan?

Composing, recording and performing

What was your breakthrough song?

Would say HOLD ON with Tonix, Keko and Os but I think “Oli Muyaye?” introduced me to the industry officially.

Let’s talk about the challenges faced so far? Have you ever dated a woman for money?

Does that work? With or without money I date people I have a connection with.

Who finances your music?

My self, Friends, family and Well-wishers. When someone buys a DJ beer to replay or play my song they are financing my music, when someone loads airtime and MBs and shares or requests my songs on any media they are financing my music.

Your next five year plans?

My plan is to be better than the Van Data today hehe. My latest here

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