KIGEZI: UPC Vice-Chair Bows Out, Blames Party for Lack of Political Ambition

RESIGNED: UPC Vice-chairperson – Kigezi Subregion, Sam Tindimwebwa. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Kabale – Sam Tindimwebwa Kanyamukiza has resigned his position as the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) Kigezi sub-Regional Vice-Chairperson.

The UPC Regional Vice Chairperson position is a coordination related position created by the party hierarchy to serve alongside the party cabinet and District Chairpersons to Oversee Regional party activities.

Tindimwebwa has been responsible for the six districts of Kabale, Kisoro, Rukungiri, Kanungu, Rukiga and Rubanda.

In his resignation letter dated August 2nd 2021 addressed to Jimmy Akena, Sam attributes his resignation to the divisions and lack of unity in the party and the failure of the two factions to solve their differences diplomatically.

 He further questions the seriousness and the ambition of both the two UPC factions one led by Jimmy Akena and another by Lawyer Peter Waluburi.

He accuses all of them of lacking serious Political ambitions. 

“The only thing I can say maybe is that I am grateful to the UPC party and proud of my Contribution to it. However, I just feel I need to take another lip in my life. I am proud of all friends that are helping me shape a career of which I am very sure it will be a very productive one, God willing (I believe in God)”. Said Tindimwebwa. 

He says that now he has put in his resignation letter he is still a free agent as he is yet to join any political party that now he is taking some time off to think carefully about the next steps of his  Political career as soon he will announce after making the choice.

Sam Tindimwebwa Kanyamukiza is also the former Kabale Municipality Mayoral Candidate in the 2021 elections on the   UPC ticket.

Sam Kanyamukiza Tindimwebwa who was elected  the UPC Regional Vice-Chairperson Kigezi sub-region in 2020 at the Party’s National Delegates Conference by the Party’s president, Jimmy Akena

Fred Erbil, the UPC Party Secretary-General says that as the party leadership they request him not to resign as at this time him to resign at a critical time as the party needs him.

Ebil says that the party appreciates his concern about the disunity that all of them as party leaders are not happy about and they are intending to address it but the lockdown affected the programs that they intended to have started geared towards reconciliation within UPC Party.

He also says that Some of the programs under Inter-Party Organization Dialogue –IPOD funded by DGF were suspended, when the government suspended the DGF facility and that now there is a partial lockdown, starting on Tuesday they are meeting as Secretary Generals to first work on a new Memorandum Of Understanding of IPOD which has expired and lobbying government to allow the DGF facility to support our programs which will include reconciliation and mobilization.

“The wheels of change turn slowly but they do turn we kindly request him to be patient as we work on the new MOU of IPOD and start rolling out other Party programs”, said Ebil.

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