I want to conquer UG- Rising star Gold Cypher

Gold Cypher is fast rising a dancehall artiste in our music industry. He is also a Christ believer. His latest hit Mpola Mpola has caught the attention of many music fans. The song is trending across Uganda. He is the boy of the moment. We spoke to him about his music success and struggles as an upcoming singer. He says;

Who is Gold Cypher?

Gold is a down to earth catholic Muganda man born to the late Mr Musisi Francis Xavier and Mrs Nalubega Prossy. I am a dancehall artiste and a Christ believer. My real names are Musisi Rogers Grace.

Where did your musical journey start?

Well, my musical journey dates way back to when I was still a little kid. I started as a choir boy both in church and at school. As I grew older, I realized a great potential and talent so in me so started listening to different kinds of music. I started miming at school and participating in music dance and drama. That way I was able to grow my talent, and now here I am

Among all industries, why did you join the controversial music industry?

Mmmmm I decided to join the controversial music industry because I believe that I am the most talented musician in the world. I was born to sing. Music is all I know. It’s kind of a passion, it makes me feel alive. Being in the studio and on stage completes me.

Is Music your full-time job? What did you study or doing apart from music?

At the moment, No, but I plan to make it my full-time job

Growing up as a young boy what sort of character were you?

As a young boy, I was this quiet very religious boy. I always kept myself busy either reading my school books or the bible

I lost both my parents at a tender age and as such getting an education wasn’t easy but I was so bright and cleaver. My uncle Mr Wamala Emmanuel endeavoured and paid for my education up to A’level.

I sat for my U.A.C.E finals and passed but never joined University because my uncle couldn’t afford it. With my studies coming to a halt, I had to start working and as such started up my own business. I am now self-employed.

Let’s talk about your new song, what is the song all about? Who wrote it and recorded it

My new song Mpola Mpola is about a young guy so crazy about a girl to the extent that he doesn’t mind what others think and talk of their relationship.

One day he takes the girl to the club and damn! He couldn’t believe what we seeing, with his girl on the dance floor, shaking, wiggling and twerking, he couldn’t resist the temptation.

He kept telling her, Mpola Mpola, Akabina kanyenye mpola..and so on. I am a songwriter, therefore I write all my songs. Mpola Mpola was produced by Steve M pro at Ages Studio Salaama rd.

Before this song, what other songs have you recorded?

There’s only one song I recorded before Mpola Mpola, it’s called “Drop it again” it’s a very great song. It was also produced by Steve M

You have a soothing voice, do you use it to get what you want in life?

Hahahahaha not all the time

Now that you’ve broken through to the top level, what is your music plan?

I plan to give my fans, Uganda, Africa, and the world at large a new taste of great music mixed with art and style, something different from what they’ve been hearing.

Let’s talk about the challenges faced so far?

Man, they are countless, am not going to mention them all let me just give you a few. People trying all the time to put you down. Family looking at you like a spoilt child. Finding it difficult to break through to the limelight

And above all Lack of a manager. Man, finance plays a big role in the music industry. Without money, everything is always pending.

Have you ever dated a woman for money?

No sir and I will never

Who injects money into you?

Myself and my well-wishers, in fact, my friends, JJ1 Events, Seremba Gervas Nkolambi, Rambacious, and Mr Hills Hilary

You’re next five-year plans?

To be the most celebrated dancehall artiste in Uganda and the world over and to open up an audio and video recording studio. Listen to Mpola mpola lyrics

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