Kamie outs epic EP finally

Fast-rising star singer Kamie Gold recently released his EP “Friends and lovers” which has ‘Kind of love’ as its first song. Kamie told us that through this song, he let out all the emotions he has towards his family.

“I have a beautiful family that I love so much that literally, every word is how I feel for my family,” he says.

The song was co-written with Inno K and according to him, it’s the perfect vibe and feels for falling in love with someone; be it your mother, brother, boyfriend or even your child.

“In most cases when I buy songs from songwriters, it’s because I have heard something in the song that has caught my inner attention.” but 9 times out of 10 he changes the song both lyrically and melody, Kamie told us.

Kind of love song was produced by X Pan the beat with co-production from Kamie Gold himself. “I own a studio at home where I do most of my projects,” he said. So, X Pan, the beat helped him with the beat arrangement in that case. The song was mastered by Herbert Skillz.

This love Ballard off his EP Friends & Lovers is a must-have on your playlist today and the best thing is it’s also available on all streaming services worldwide. You can watch the video by following this link.;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMinxpz3YYE

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