I don’t do drugs to sing-Star Mpaka Mubali

I don’t do drugs to sing-Star Mpaka Mubali

If the name ‘Mpaka Mubali’ has not crossed your mind, then you must be missing out something great especially in the entertainment world.

Well, Mpaka Mubali is one of the biggest talents musical Uganda is yet to unearth at the moment.

With his latest song ‘Wooli’, Mpaka Mubali showcases the capability of grooving a mammoth of music genre.

We caught up with him and chatted a few

First things first, that stage name Mpaka Mubali! It sounds more of old-time Congolese music, are you from Congo?

This is the combination of both my surnames and family name Mpagi and real name Kajubi. So I sat and decided to combine those names and came up with Mpaka Mubali.

Okay, who is Mpaka Mubali then? Actually Mpaka Mubali, someone can say it is just a song.

I am a very simple man who just loves Music. I was born and raised here in Kampala. I was raised in Naguru in the centre of Kampala. Nothing much to write home about myself apart from music and sports.

Where did your musical journey start from?

To be honest I cant trace my music journey.I have loved music way from my childhood days. I got my inspiration from Bobi Wines. One time my brother was shooting Bobi wine’s song Njagala mulaasi, so I joined the team. During that time I sang abit and Bobi heard me sing, he told me I would sing.

When was your first day in the studio recording your first song?

Uhmm. I don’t remember the particular day but I remember it was in Kasangati at some studio of a man called Kiwuwa. It didn’t go well because I was vocally not mature.

You’ve just released an album called Journey, why are most songs in English?

The journey is a simple album. I call it a journey because this is my first release. My friends kept encouraging me to put the nice stuff out. It is all about my music journey.

Don’t you think singing in English limits your local Luganda fan base back here in Uganda?

If you release it is a blend. I mix both languages. Luganda is my native language I can’t drop it. I am way comfortable in English though. But of course, I mix. It cants affect my fans back home in Kampala. I know Ugandans love English songs so there is no problem. Good music is good music.

Wife song has really trended so much? were you singing about your wife?

This is an African touch thing. It is a combination of my love story. I sing about the wife and for the ladies out there.

Well, today when you hear your songs played on-air, do you feel you’ve finally arrived at your ultimate dream? What is the feeling?

This is one of the best feelings one can get but it is not the ultimate goal. Yes, it makes me good knowing that my music is changing people’s lives a bit. It also makes me feel that I need to out there and work extra hard.

Is Music your full time or? What exactly do you do?

I don’t do music full time. I haven’t gotten to that level. I have a full-time job but music brings something to my pockets.

Who usually writes and produces your music?

I have a group of guys I work with. There is Ray Signature, Kiwoowa, Xpan, Tonny was, Chris Ben, Inno classic boy and many more. I also write most of my songs. For producers, I work with Dan magic, producer Kayce, Kiwooa, XPan, Tonny Wal and many more.

Let us talk about your music career, what is your motive in this industry? Are you here for money?

No its not about money. I am just here to inspire. But when it comes I can’t say no.

Today, there is too much competition in the industry, do you think there is space for you?

Space for me? I am bigger than that space. I am doing my thing. I am not about to compete with anyone.

Well, Today you’re slowly climbing to the table of men musically, how are you handling the fame?

Slowly but surely climbing up. Fame is not my thing at all.

Who can you attribute your music success to so far?

Me as I person. My wife, my big brother Denis Centrix films, Hillary my manager, Chris Sempala Manager, My father and son. I don’t know how I can thank these guys.

Who has been financing your music career?

That is me from my full-time job. And my managers, Chris Sempala and Hillary. Big up to them

Lots of upcoming artists are just producing bubble gum music, how different is your music?

I simply do different touches that are why it makes my music so different.

By the way, what inspires you to compose songs?

Just the love for music and the real-life stories that go around.

Do you use substances like drugs for inspiration?

Man, I don’t do drugs and I have never taken any drug.

What challenges have you faced today in the music industry?

Challenges are very many. Everyone is looking for money and along the way you get to meet fake people. Those who are untrustworthy.

Let’s talk about life, you’re a young handsome man, how many girls are you dating now? If not married?

No. I am not seeing any girls. I have my own girls.

Tell the truth here, can you resist money to sponsor your career from a woman older than you?

I don’t need any sponsors now. But the woman is straight and clear we can talk.

Can you even date a woman older than you?

Absolutely yes. Age is just a number but right now I am taken.

We all admire celebrities, which female singer would dream to have in bed for the rest of your life?

Winnie Nwagi

There is this trending issue in Uganda, men sharing sex tapes of ex-lovers? Have you ever requested nudes from a girl? What is your advice?

No, I have never asked for nudes. It is not good.

Back to music Don’t you think venturing into music is waste of time?

Not wasting any time. Some of us have invested so much money but not feeling any penny back. But as long as I am happy, it is okay.

How are you promoting your music while away from UG?

I have promoters down there. They are doing a good job. I have black magic on board and we are good.

As you grow big musically, do you have hopes of returning and settling in In and develop your career?

That is my dream. To be honest I am looking forward to this.

How has the internet impacted the music industry?

Man, today, life is the internet. Everything is found on the internet. If you’re online, you are simply behind.

You’re next 5 plans.

Getting married, grow my music career and give my fans more and more songs.

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