Flex D’paper outs ‘Mbikwasagwe’ Visuals

Rapper Flex D’paper teamed up with the talented, sexy and beautiful Shena Skies to release the audio of Mbikwasagwe a year ago.

A few days ago, the duo dropped the video of the song that was shot and produced by Hennix Touch and Majid Mali.

Mbikwasagwe is an inspirational gospel song that according to Flex is to help people go through this trying period of the pandemic. It’s almost two years ever since we got struck by covid-19 and the only way out is to give it all to God.
“Mbikwasagwe means “I hand it over to you,” Flex D’paper says. In the song, Flex does the rap and Shena does the chorus.
Watch the Video here :

Flex D’paper is a rapper who has been in the music industry for a while and apart from music, he is also known for his clothing line dubbed Rapaholix and this has been behind the design and printing of many outfits like T-shirts, caps, Jumpers and Jackets among others. He has songs with his long-time friends like Navio and D’mith among other artists


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