EXPOSED: Proudest Ugandans who feel the ‘world is theirs’

Today. we are revealing the proudest Ugandans people who feel the ‘world is theirs’ today. However, things may change depending on circumstances.

  1. A wife of a police officer.
  2. Caretaker of a plot of land.
  3. People who put on spectacles.
  4. Mobile Money Gals.
  5. Secretary to a Boss.
  6. WhatsApp Group Administrator.
  7. Mess prefects at schools.
  8. Those who issue tissue papers in public toilets.
  9. S4/6 leavers taking computer classes.
  10. Those who measure temperature during COVID-19 period.
  11. Guys of passwords from Supermarket tellers.
  12. Those in charge of drinks (water & soda) at a function…etc.
  13. Employees of Centenary Bank.
  14. People that went to King’s College Budo.
  15. People that delay burial waiting for relatives to return from abroad.
  16. Makerere University girls in 2nd or 3rd year.
  17. People that decide which table is next to pick food at a party.
  18. UNBS staff checking any product
  19. Traffic Police officers manning a checkpoint where M7 is expected.
  20. Ugandans especially westerners with a relative in the UPDF.
  21. Ministry of Works guys issuing movement permits.

We shall add more here next time.

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