CRIME:Defilement Suspect Rearrested Over Prison Stolen Gun

A gun belonging to Iganga Prison that was stolen early this month has been recovered by a joint team of security agencies in Iganga District.

The AK-47 rifle No.565824458 AKM 40425 recovered with 22 rounds of ammunition  had been used by suspected gangs in staging illegal checkpoints in various villages of Iganga district with intention of robbing travelers and extorting money from boda boda riders.

Recovered Gun

Police also arrested one suspect (Name withheld), believed to be the gang leader accused of criminals staging unlawful checkpoints to terrorize residents.

ASP James Mubi, Police Spokesperson for the Busoga East region says that at the time of recovery, there were only 22 rounds of ammunition out of 30 it had when it was stolen.

‘’The Joint security taskforce has been moving heaven and earth to have the gun recovered that had 30 rounds at the time when it was stolen. The Prime suspect has been arrested, he is currently on court bail on another capital offence of defilement at CPS Iganga ‘’, said Mubi.

Mubi assured the public of the Police’s continuous commitment to secure them in this lockdown period and also urged them to be always vigilant.

He adds that investigations into the matter have intensified since to comprehend other suspects in the case.

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