City Don tops locked K’la with a hit song

Boy of the moment singer Tebandeke Deus, known professionally as City Don is a Ugandan singer who has released his much-anticipated hit song U DONO amidst Covid 19 lockdown. The song is currently trending on all TV and radio stations in Uganda so far.

One cant tune in to any TV or Radio station and fail to hear the U DONO song play. This masterpiece was written by City Don himself. Produced by Extra nation studio Artin pro.

Under lefter management, City Don takes about himself in the song. The struggles and swag in himself. It is one of the kind of sound one needs to listen to. City don has this amazing CITY GANG team with a famous motto of Kampala Yaffe.

This is not the first hit song, city Don has released, before he has released BALUMYE REMIX with Grenade and many others more.

For starters, City Don is a songwriter and fashion star. Born February 8th, 2001 in Kampala Uganda, He sings in Luganda, English, and sometimes Swahili. His music genre is specialty Afrobeat, Dance hall, Afro-pop and Rap.

He argues his fans globally to check out his song U DONO on all his social media pages; CityDon official on all social media pages

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