UNBWOGABLE: How Mbayo Tactfully Floored Rivals to Become First Jinja City Speaker

The struggle between Israelis and Palestinians is one of the world’s most unwavering conflicts but back here, in the Eastern City of Jinja, when you mention the two countries what comes to someone’s mind first are the two Political rival groups in the Capital Busoga.

The intrinsic battle at Jinja City hall on Tuesday afternoon during the election of speaker apropos of the unrelenting ‘Israel –Palestine’ coalitions in the area, emanated Forum For Democratic Change (FDC)’s Bernard Mbayo’s Political magnanimity.

Mbayo, 45, previously a Councilor representing Jinja Central West Parish to Jinja Municipal Council (JMC) for the last 10 years, on Tuesday floored Sirina Kyakuwaire to become the Jinja City Council (JCC) first speaker in what many has termed as a masked war against the former.

Kyakuwaire, a female Councilor representing Mafubira at JCC and Journalist with Moses Balyeku owned Baaba fm, was soon after elected deputy speaker for the same.

However, just as former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill said; ‘A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen’, Mbayo Political rivals visibly lack the propensity to understand why they couldn’t defeat him.

Mbayo whose victory did not surprise stakeholders given his political qualifications above other councilors at City hall presently ,initially polled 8 ,Kyakuwaire 9 while NRM’s Boniface Wabwire, the Male youth councilor, tailed with 2 votes.

However in the rerun, Mbayo from his populous political support base exultantly polled 10 Votes against Kyakuwaire’s 9 at a cheerfully packed first City council session.

‘’Those fighting Mbayo had a political miscalculation which they should never repeat. Even non voters were optimistic that the council needed his seniority as a speaker and failing his bid would land the city into political ruin’’, said one of the elders from Old Boma.

Mbayo with Former Leaders of Jinja Municipal Council in USA During a working Visit

Although the role of a Councilor are; Legislation, Budget Approval / Appropriation, Oversight, and Representation, political proficiency is a pillar for executing the above and many have not delivered because of their incapability

But Mbayo for instance was in 2016 appointed by former Mayor Majid Batambuze to the JMC Executive as Secretary for Works and Natural Resources. He is also the most travelled councilor among the current leaders at City hall having traversed most of the European countries.

According to Skizar, an online publication headquartered in Jinja, this office would define and shape Mbayo’s track record as a Councilman.

Much as politicians focus in the last two years had been put on the boiling pot for the 2021 political seats, Mbayo was busy empowering communities amidst the hurdles of COVID-19. This consolidated his support not only among voters but also the majority councilors who regarded him as a voice for the local person.

Despite being FDC diehard, in the premeditated fight to see Mbayo’s success as speaker for the new city was NRM’s Richard Mbaziira, the Jinja South East male councilor.

‘’When we go to Council voters forget our political parties and expect service delivery. It is our responsibility to have a performing council because besides our political affiliations, we shall remain daughters and sons of Jinja. This is the reason why we believe Mbayo makes a best City Speaker for the betterment of this area’’, Mbaziira told reporters shortly after the elections.

Speaking to Red pepper on Tuesday, Mbayo congratulated all leaders upon being given the mandate by their voters and urged them to work for the effective City.

‘’As a speaker I want to ensure efficient service delivery to our bosses, the voters. We must ensure sound accountability to all funding both conditional and non conditional’’, Mbayo said.

He added that Roads are a major priority for a city, lobbying for communities and sustainable provision of other social services.

Earlier on, NUP’s Kasolo Alton Peter Okocha was sworn in as the Mayor for Jinja City with the 18 councilors at the city hall by the Jinja Chief Magistrate Catherine Agwero. He urged leaders of Jinja to work as a team and deliver to the expectations of their voters.

Councilors include; Kyazike Sarah- female woman councilor Budondo(NRM), Gishebi Twaha Wanyara -Male councilor Budondo (NRM), Sirina Kyakuwaire- Woman councilor Mafubira division (Independent), Ivan Basoga Kamezze- Male councilor Mafubira (NUP), Khani Shamirah- Female councilor Bugembe (NUP), Ddamulira Twahir- Male councilor Bugembe (Independent), Mbazira Richard(NRM) – Jinja South East male councilor, Nakato Irene -Female Councilor Jinja South East (NUP).

Others are the City speaker elect Bernard Mbayo(FDC) -Jinja south West male councilor, Kadama Agnes – Female councilor Jinja South West (FDC), Carlo Female youth councilor (NRM), Wabwire Boniface-Male youth councilor (NRM), Muwema John (NRM) Male councilor for Older persons, Sansa Lillian (NRM)- Female councilor for Older persons, Ssozzi Juma- Male councilor for disabled, Kauma Fazira (NRM)- Female councilor for disabled, Bagoole Joshua (FDC) Male worker’s councilor, and Pajobo Auma Florence (NRM) Female worker’s councilor.

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