GoGames: MTN Uganda Unveils Gaming Platform

A screen shot of the Go Games Page with various games for everyone

Kampala – Telecom giants, MTN Uganda, launched the first FREE gaming service of its kind in Africa. Dubbed “MTN GoGames”, the service offers MTN customers access to a huge catalogue of mobile games, for FREE! Customers can access and play games without paying a fee or buying data. The service also has a selection of premium games for advanced players, which may be played at a small fee of as low as Ugx 500 per day or UGX 3000 per month.

MTN GoGames is accessed www.mtn.gogames.run on almost any web browser on your phone or device, making it easy and convenient for customers to play games without downloading additional apps. The range of games is diverse from sports, action, education, simple games Snakes and Ladders, Number Memory, Candy Rush, and Crappy bird. It also includes our own native games such as Mweso, Ludo, Kwepena, Hide and Seek locally known as Kakebe.

“At MTN, we know that gaming is fun, so we created a platform that delivers simple fun to any of our customers at any point in time. The past year has without a doubt been intense, and even as we take on this year, several serious situations lie ahead of us. We however believe that MTN GoGames will enable us to take a break from all the seriousness and have some fun even if it is just for a few minutes as we unwind”, said Somdev Sen, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN.

The landing page of the MTN GoGames Website. Simply register with your name and MTN Mobile Number to start gaming

MTN GoGames is a fun product that can be enjoyed by all people ranging from children to adults, men, and women; including those without prior gaming experience since the games are simple and intuitive with the sole aim of delivering fun and relaxation. We are excited to partner with MTN to offer this service; said Apurv Modi, MD & Co-Founder of ATechnos.

A recent December 2020 study by Research gate scholars asserts that gaming in moderation has been found to be beneficial in the cognitive, motivational, emotional and social domains of life.

To play games follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit www.mtn.gogames.run
  • Step 2: Register by entering your preferred username and your mobile number (If already registered click on “Log In”)
  • Step 3: Select your preferred game and start playing.

How to pay for and play premium games

  • Step 1: After login into www.mtn.gogames.run, click on ‘Profile’ then “Active subscription’.
  • Step 2: Click ‘Subscribe’ and choose Daily UGX 500, Weekly UGX 1500, or Monthly UGX 3000. You will receive a prompt on your phone confirming your selected subscription option.
  • Step 3: Enter your MTN MoMo PIN. You will receive a message confirming your subscription.
  • Step 4: Now you can play all the premium games.

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