Gen. Taban Amin on Why Museveni Should Be Promoted To Highest Rank of ‘Martial’

Deputy Director of the Internal Security Organization (ISO) Taban Idi Amin Has Implored the Uganda People’s Defence Force (Updf) Promotions Board to Elevate Commander In Chief of Armed Forces General Yoweri Museveni to the Rank of Marshall, The Highest Position Arguing That Field Marshall Is Inferior Given the Tremendous Work the latter has done for The Country.

Speaking to Red pepper on Friday 7th May 2021, Taban said president Museveni’s leadership credentials cannot be disputed because of the way he has steered the country into the industrialization path, after guaranteeing peace and security not only to Ugandans but the whole great lakes region.

‘’ There are many Generals so you cannot give the same rank to the President .Gen. Museveni deserves to be promoted to a rank bigger than Field Marshall .Air Marshal for the air force , Field Marshall is for the field , and then there is Marshal which he deserves’’, said Taban.

Taban , who asserts that Uganda has achieved a lot under the Museveni leadership that even the blind can see the development, highlighted the regime’s efforts to commercialize agriculture and value addition by establishing factories, wealth and Job creation programs.

‘’ Museveni, who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces, has ensured that UPDF becomes one of the best armies in Africa after several years and decades of preparation and training’’, added Taban.

He argues that Museveni is the champion of Peace and security, development and empowerment of; Infrastructure, Youths and Women, Healthcare, Water & Sanitation, and Growth & Development. Other achievements include International & Regional Cooperation, Education, Transport and building the Economy.

Taban Has Served In Several Prominent Positions Since His Return, When President Museveni Appointed Him To Be In Charge Of The West Nile And Congo.

Taban Was In October 2020 Appointed Deputy Director General Of Uganda Internal Security Organization (ISO).

Taban, A Renowned Businessman Also Worked As An ISO Operative Engaged In Persuading Allied Democratic Force Rebels To Surrender, A Role Well Played According To Security Experts.

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