EXCLUSIVE: Unfairly Sidelined! Whistleblower petitions Afande Nakalema to Intervene in UNBS ED recruitment

Kampala – A whistleblower has petitioned the Statehouse Anti-Corruption Unit to intervene in the UNBS top job recruitment process.

The source alleged that the recruitment process for Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) executive Director job has been mulled with irregularities.

A whistle blower, who preferred to remain anonymous, intimated to this website that left out intentionally yet he had declared his intentions (through application) for the top job.

“I am informed that shortlisting for the post of ED, UNBS was done at a hotel and the written interviews will be conducted tomorrow (Saturday April 24),” whistleblower alleged who boosts of over 16 years’ experience as a technical senior manager and 10 years in private sector.

Sources at standards body intimated to this website that less than 20 applications were received for the top job given it required a minimum of 15 years’ practical experience in Senior leadership or Management Position(s) in a reputable organization.

The aggrieved executive asserted that he had no received any communication/notice of rejection or failure to meet requirements citing that the process was being syndicated by the acting ED, Dr. Ebiru to gain fully capacity

The role has since been held by Mr. David Livingstone Ebiru in acting capacity since December last year after it fell vacant with the retirement of Eng. Dr. Ben Manyindo in November 2020 from the standards body after a successful eight years in the role.

Manyindo joined UNBS in 1998 and rose through the ranks to the top in 2012.

The whole recruitment process has been too secretive which depicts illegal and discriminative behavior. The ruthless Dr. Ebiru has infiltrated the standards body board to be confirmed without open interviews,” the whistleblower alleged.

In the petition, the whistleblower, most probably the most suitable for the job by all standards, asserts he was sidelined despite having applied for the top job.

“The current acting ED has been the Deputy ED Management services with limited technical competence,” said the whistle-blower pokes holds in Dr. Ebiru’s qualifications and pedigree.

The aggrieved individual petitions for the intervention of the Lt. Col. Nakalema-led Statehouse Anti-corruption unit.

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