TOURISM: Why You Should Visit Kabalega Resort–Masindi

Just a 2-hour Road drive from the Uganda’s Capital Kampala to Masindi, or 43 minutes on flight you’re at the multi-styled Kabalega Resort Hotel to enjoy all the luxuries known to man to date.

No matter how many safaris you’ve been on, there is nothing quite as wonderful and unforgettable as spending time at the irrefutably Bunyoro’s Top Resort, Kabalega.

If you’ve never heard of this place, you’ve probably spent an enviably small amount of time on the internet.

Kabalega Resort Masindi

With its infamous exceptional Hospitality to both local and international guests, the Kabalega Resort offers exclusive services making it an ideal place for Honeymoons, Business travelers, Tourists in Transit and backpackers for all-round experience.

‘’No one around but you, the resort staff, and the Natural amenities which pretty much guarantees its awesomeness’’, revealed one of the Foreign Tourists.

Situated in the heart of Bunyoro Kingdom, each room at the Kabalega Resort has been decorated by an artist of international acclaim.

A Classic Swimming Pool at Kabalega

Not only is there a rooftop terrace where you can look out over the Historical Masindi Town Center, but also a superlative library and perfect settings for a relaxing night in.

The absolutely quintessential Resort acts as steward of the Bunyoro Tourism budding, and ranks Top on the area destinations as “best stay in Uganda.”

‘’You need to change your way of thinking if you have dreams to experience the beauty that this world has to offer. Have you ever wished to stay in Bunyoro? You can make your dream come true at Kabalega Resort Hotel’’, revealed one of the Tourist.

Peter Kajura, the Proprietor of Kabalega Resort told this reporter that the place is a symbol of beauty and luxury.

‘’Each of its rooms is designed in such a way that you can enjoy the greenery and beauty of the surroundings of your room. In terms of luxury, you have plunge pools, private butler and all the modern amenities. If you want to try something unique, you must stay here’’, said Kajura.

Kajura added that the resort is a place to forget about the outside world, relax and explore some truly unique surroundings, and in place are guidelines issued by the government to prevent COBID-19.

The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) recently kicked off the inspection of hotels to ensure compliance of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) put in place by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities in the wake of COVID-19

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