SADISTIC: Ugandans Roast Oulanya Team for Spreading Fake News against Kadaga Campaigners

As the elections for the Speaker of the 11th Parliament draw closer, a section of Ugandans both on mainstream and social media have lashed out at the Omoro County Member of Parliament Hon.Jacob L. Oulanya’s campaign group for peddling “fake news” against her boss’s camp ,Rebecca Kadaga in what is obvious as a plot to frustrate the latter.

Oulanya, the current deputy speaker of parliament is eyeing the bigger seat occupied by her superior Kadaga who has also geared up to reclaim the country’s 3rd biggest office.

However, just like a saying from the Great Britain’s English writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien that, “A man that flies from his fear may find that he has only taken a short cut to meet it”, Oulanya sympathizers are reportedly in a state of trepidation that has plunged them into touting fake news against Kadaga Campaigners, a matter that has not gone well with the public.

The recent attack was on the Kagoma County MP elect, Alex Brandon Kintu alias ‘Musaayi Muto’ whose tactical campaign stratagem has not only frustrated many of Oulanya’s agents around the country but fished a large number of MPs into Kadaga’s camp.

In a flimsy content published on one of the websites a few days ago, cynical compromised propagandists unethically claimed that Kintu had fled the currently ongoing three-week retreat in Kyakwanzi with Shs 80m reportedly meant to facilitate the Kadaga team.

‘’We are not moved by such utterances because we know who is feebly behind them. We are focused on seeing Maama Kadaga back as speaker of parliament and victory is in our hands. It is those who concentrate on but one thing at a time who advance in this world, we are focused on seeing Kadaga win’’, Kintu who said was attending a high level mobilization meeting summarily commented.

Lukooki John Magezi, another Top Kadaga Mobilizer in Busoga said is not surprised that Brandon, whose wife had been hospitalized and needed urgent attention from the head of the family, could be a target by a group he described as political floppers.

‘’Kintu is one of the Mps from Busoga who actually uses his personal resources to mobilize for our victory. Anyone advancing those allegations against him is a failure. We are not moved by propaganda that advance unsubstantiated rumours, disputed claims, as well as out-of-context information about our camp because we are victors’’, fumed Magezi.

The fate of who will become the Speaker of parliament has become a big point of contention in the country’s body politic once again as the swearing in of the next parliament due to take place in May draws near, with Kadaga taking lead, according to various published opinion polls.

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