John Blaq: I am a loving guy

By Fab Mc

I bumped into Obubadi hit maker John Kasadha aka John Blaq eating his ka money in a joint in Kampala and we had a chat about several things. Below are excerpts.


Fab Mc: What does your typical day look like?

John Blaq: I wake up, shower, have breakfast, and check on my messages as I also watch some TV. Evenings I normally hit the studio, then later get back home in the night to rest.


Fab Mc: How do you balance between the music and the other obligations – school, family, etc.?

John Blaq: I do not go to school, so the main other obligation is family and friends. I check on my mum frequently and I support my family where necessary, I took up the responsibility for many of my siblings and cousins and God has given me the favor to manage. I also create time for my close friends because it is them that have been there for me through the good and the hard times.

Fab Mc: What is your opinion about the covers?

John Blaq: Covers are good, if it comes out as good as or even better than the original. Music is a feeling and someone else could give your song a way different feel that could make fans of a different genre fall in love with your song. For example, one turning an RnB song into a reggae song.


Fab Mc: Is there any music style which you do not like?

John Blaq: Good music is good music no matter what style it is packaged in. I love and listen to everything that sounds beautiful and would love to try out so much.


Fab Mc: Is there a link between ethics and music?

John Blaq: Ethics is key in everything we do in life, without ethics you cannot survive for long, that is like gambling. Musicians are not gods, we deal with people and we need people to make it & even stay relevant. That can only be achieved with very good ethics.


Fab Mc: What is an instrument which you like to learn and why?

John Blaq: If given chance I would love to learn although the acoustic guitar stands out for me. It sounds beautiful, it does not need electricity or amplifiers, it is portable, so I can play it anywhere and anytime I get the vibe.


Fab Mc: What is the saddest song you have ever heard?

John Blaq: Walumbe zaaya by Paul kafeero.


Fab Mc: If you were an instrument, what would you be and why?

John Blaq: An acoustic guitar, because it’s handled with care, it has all sounds from the base to the high notes, it’s a lead instrument, and most importantly it’s an instrument of love. It can make the women’s hearts melt.


Fab Mc: If you were a band, what would you be and why?

John Blaq: Sauti Sol, they are a very complete band. With great vocalists, they play instruments, great lyrics, and they front Africa in their music.


Fab Mc: What advice would you give for someone who just starts the career?

John Blaq: Work hard, listen to a lot of good music, and get inspired. But most importantly no one is going to start your music carrier for you. Managers and promoters only come in after you have gotten yourself somewhere. So find a job first that will help you finance the music that you want to do because music is very expensive.


Fab Mc: What are your interests outside of music?

John Blaq: I love sports most especially football, I love farming and traveling.


Fab Mc: If it were not a music career, what would you be doing?

John Blaq: I surely do not know, since I dint have the chance to complete school am not sure if I would have had a decent job. Before music, my life had no direction. So, I would still choose music, I was born to sing.


Fab Mc: How do you handle frequent travels and being away from home for long periods of time?

John Blaq: Am not yet a family man, I do not have kids yet so I have been able to travel without so many strings attached. But since I also don’t travel for long I will be able to handle that when family responsibilities come in.

Fab Mc: What would you do if the audience looked bored during your performance?

John Blaq: Hehehe, that’s a tricky one. The audience plays a very big role in the artist’s stage presence. And it’s very important to study it & know what they want if they looked bored I think I would change the performance approach, maybe change the song or do an Acapella or even invite a dancer on stage.


Fab Mc: If you could change one thing in the music industry, what would it be?

John Blaq: The beef and the lack of support between artists. If Ugandan artists were working together and endorsing each other’s music then our music industry would be so far from where it is now. Even promoting music would be easier because we would be sharing fans.



Fab Mc: Tell me about your latest single with Davide Lutalo how did you guys link up and tell me the experience of working with such a big artist

John Blaq: It was a great experience working with David Lutalo, his a very talented and down-to-earth person.  We’ve been friends for a while, he supported me during the freedom city concert and I supported him during his concerts as well. I proposed to him about doing a song together and he agreed and that’s how we came up with TOKUTULA. The song has really worked out well for me, helping me penetrate into the omuntu wawansi audience.


Fab Mc: Tell me about your love life

John Blaq: Hahaha Fab with love banange! Hahaha anyway, my love life is private but am a very loving and caring person, though people have taken advantage of me many times. And still, my songs tell my love stories.


Fab Mc:  What kind of girls eat your brains out?

John Blaq: Hahaha eeh man am attracted to beautiful, intelligent & hardworking girls simple as that.


Fab Mc:  How would you describe your fans?

John Blaq: Amazing and beautiful people, open-minded I Loooooveeee my fans


Fab Mc:  Who do you see as your main competitor?

John Blaq: Every musician is a competitor, we all bring something different to the music table. I personally love competition, it’s healthy as long there is no hate.


Fab Mc: it’s always amazing to have you here your last words to your fans and leaders as well

John Blaq: To my fans, you’re the best thing ever happened to me, without you I would be a nobody. Please keep supporting and loving my music. To the leaders, we are counting on you to bring about change and development. Serve as an instrument of change and God bless you

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