Museveni Slams Religious Leaders Who Speak Unfairly about Gov’t

Kampala – Uganda’s President-elect Yoweri Museveni has accused a section of religious leaders of having bias and talking negatively about NRM government.

Before and in the aftermath of the January 14 presidential election, various religious leaders expressed concern over what they termed as harassment of opposition political leaders and their supporters.

The infamous kidnaps and torture of supporters of opposition politicians especially in central Uganda, has also prompted many people, including religious leaders, to express their voices and pressure the government to account for the missing Ugandans.

“When I see some of the church people, they speak unfairly. They are always attacking the Government. Yes, the Government will make mistakes, but how about the ones who are fighting the Government. If they also make mistakes,
why don’t you talk about them?” said Museveni.

Meanwhile, concerning the ongoing kidnaps, the Archbishop of Church of Uganda, The Most Rev Dr Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu urged police to account for the people who are still missing.

“We heard from the report read by Gen Odongo Jeje; some people are missing, but I am so grateful to your Excellency that you have come out to ensure that there is some investigation done and also assured Ugandans that they are really safe,” Kazimba said.

“I want to call upon the police to help find those who are still missing,” he added.…

It should be noted that while addressing the nation on the current security situation in the country on Saturday February 13, Museveni admitted that indeed some of the missing persons were in the hands of the security forces.

Museveni, who termed the arrested persons as “lawbreakers”, said had a mission to not allow the January 14 election take place and had therefore been arrested by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and “Commando Unit” which fought the Al Shabab terrorist group in Somalia and ADF rebels

Museveni ordered police to publicize the names of all the persons who are in the hands of security forces.

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