I Love Fat Chics – Rapper Himbi King


Solomon Ahimbisibwe aka Himbi King Engwe ya Kigezi is a popular Hip-hop singer who pioneered the Rukiga-Flow. I had a one on one with him and he revealed his adoration for big babes.

FabMc: Welcome to Pepper celebrity session where have you been and what have you been up to?

Himbi King: Thank you, am humbled to be part of this great platform. I have been on a secret mission to redeem the art industry in Uganda and incarnate kiga flow as you already know, I am kiga flow and kiga flow is me.

FabMc: What kind of music do you do?

Himbi King: I do Kiga flow music, which is a representation of hip hop from south western Uganda or rapping in Rukiga on urban beats.

FabMc: What drew you to the music industry from films?

Himbi King: Music has been closer to me than films. As the kiga flow co-founder, I developed a mission to create and promote music through kiga flow before kiga flow existed and that got me people’s attention, and boom, doors got opened. But I love both filming and music equally because they are all my wives.

FabMc: Who are you inspired by?

Himbi King: A lot of people have inspired me both from the celebrity world and family. But I would rather front “my old hassle”. Too much hassle got me the urge to be better at whatever I do because I discovered it’s only my commitment, hard work, and perseverance that would get me out of financial challenges.


Rapper Himbi King

FabMc: What is so different about Kiga flow music that people have not clicked yet?

Himbi King: Kiga flow is like a virgin girl, she keeps you curious, she is well reserved, juicy, and surely everyone wants to taste her, but she is reserved for a special, lucky guy. I am breaking her virginity this time because I am the one, she chose haha.


FabMc: What is your favorite part about this line of work?

Himbi King: Generally, the art industry is a pride job to be part of, it connects you to greater people hence greater opportunities come by. But unfortunately the sweater it becomes, the risky it can get, I rather not complete this for I still need my female fans haha those people with dresses.

FabMc: What is an average day like for you?

Himbi King: Wake up at 5 am, pray for about 2 minutes, check phone for about 20min, hit the bathroom, at 6am go to my work, 12 hours shift … Damn long duty hours suck. After work, I rest a bit, do some simple house work as I create art content, then pray and sleep… Same routine the next day.

FabMc: What is your favorite meal?

Himbi King: Posho, boiled Irish potatoes, and boiled or roasted meat, but anyway, am good at eating everything and discovering new foods, I desire to try a frog sometime, and it looks yummy.


FabMc: What is your favorite daily attire?

Himbi King: I love unique and simple artistic clothes hate trendy things, I hate shouting colors, caps was my thing until I discovered they are addictive, simple snickers do for me as well, I used to love jeans but eh, when you do not have a maid you will regret why you bought them.

FabMc: Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

Himbi King: I do music not only because am talented but also because I want to promote my heritage and culture. I do music to pass audible information and entertainment to everyone especially to the people who do not understand English or luganda. Above all, good music heals, it’s food for the soul and everyone needs to have that missing diet to themselves.

FabMc: Rumor has it that you are beefing with GNL Zamba and T Bro what is the beef about?

Himbi King: I cannot beef my ancestors, I am a young boy, and those guys have been in the music industry before I was born. I respect GNL and TBro. TBro put a milestone to my kiga flow journey. I have leant a lot from both. Only that now am a fresh daddy on the block, I can teach them fresh soothing music if they treat me well. Otherwise, much respect to the 2 legends. No beef whatsoever bro.

FabMc: Tell me about your relationship with Anne Kansiime how did you guys hook up?

Himbi King: Anne is an African pride, I last met her in primary 1 to 3, I must say she was the quietest in class and the shortest as well. The second time I met her she was on my TV and newspapers looking a bit taller, more beautiful, more intelligent, funnier, richer, and more everything. Life basheija mwe hehe….. I wish I had taken my chance in our childhood days! Never met her in person again since childhood!

FabMc: Briefly describe to me your ideal woman?

Himbi King: I like small things with average height, intelligent, funny, very free spirit character, and if she is talented, that is everything to me. But unfortunately, I cannot keep my eyes off fat chics, they are, unbelievable, and believe me, unavoidable! Haha

FabMc: Tell me 2 things you cannot stand about ladies.

Himbi King: Attitude and dirt. Nothing more

FabMc: What crazy thing have you ever done in the name of love?

Himbi King: They are many, but one time I was scheduled for a blind date and at the meeting, she was twice my height, I looked like a woman and she was the man, I wanted to run away but there was no escape route, so I decided to die in my movie the whole night. Cheiiiiii!!!!!

FabMc: What is the craziest thing about yourself that only you know?

Himbi King: I listen and enjoy blues more than hip-hop. I write better raps when I have listened to blues. I Am connected to the oldest founders of real music and that is why am so unique and deep when writing music.

FabMc: Can you date a fan?

Himbi King: Dating a fan is the worst idea but some things can happen out of control.

FabMc: Tell me about your favorite performance venues.

Himbi King: That must be Bakiga Nation way back I had to battle more than 100 rappers and lay them down unconscious. That was my best inspiration that I can finish people with my kiga flow.

FabMc: Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Himbi King: Performance anxiety is normal; it can happen every time. I must say, most performers use courage than anxiety to execute their performances. It can be scary especially when you are meeting a lot of strangers you are not even sure how they will react to your music but again you know all eyes on you to nail it or be nailed.

FabMc: Brown or dark-skinned how do you like them and why?

Himbi King: I love them all, even if they were pink or blue I would still be attracted to them … I hope we are talking about our sisters …right? Hahaha

FabMc: You’re an artist and music producer as well which of the two do you like most?

Himbi King: I love all arts. I have gotten more opportunity with music, but I believe am a full artist because it all feels like sex when am doing each of them. I even forget to eat and sleep especially when writing or recording music. I must say being an artist is a privilege. Nothing feels better than creating art.

FabMc: If you had a chance of slapping one politician really hard in the face in this country who would that person be and why?

Himbi King: I respect all politicians because they have done what I have failed to try and they matter a lot to the future of our country, but I feel I would be tempted to slap MP Rwabwogo for arresting an innocent young bull instead of guiding him to the right path. Women need to understand that for us men we know nothing about class, at the end of the day a goat can be eaten any time whether it is big, beautiful, ugly small, or rough.

FabMc: What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Himbi King: No one should follow in my footsteps unless they feel they have to. Everyone should have an independent dream. Do not set your goals on becoming like someone else. Set your goals to be the best you can be however other people can inspire you anyway. Everyone is unique and great. You can try to walk in my footsteps but do that only when you want to learn how to walk, after creating your own path and that path is termed as a “calling”.

FabMc: We are so grateful for your time please give us a final message to our readers and your fans as well.

Himbi King: Never forget God. Always stay humble, do not wait to be inspired or told to have what belongs to you, if you feel you can go for it. Time wasted can never be restored. Try to be good to everyone but don’t forget to be good to yourself too because the company you keep can easily shape who you become, so losing some toxic people is equally beneficial to creating important people around yourself.

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