How to Live your dream in 2021! Red Pepper Delivers Special offer to Readers

By Arinaitwe Rugyendo | On January 5th 2021, an online course will be open to all Ugandans and has the potential to transform them to employable human machines!

An innovation of social entrepreneur Agnes Aistleitner who is also the CEO of Eebo World, a video-on-demand streaming service for Sub-Saharan Africa and also a platform for streaming content straight from your favourite creators, the course is a life changer for those with qualifications but without relevant skills needed for particular jobs.

One of the biggest salesman tests used to date is the “Sell me this pen”.

The idea is to convince the person who gave it to you to pay money in order for you to return it. So why not apply the same logic when walking in for that job interview that may change your life?

“When hiring, you notice that some people are decreasing their chances so much by making simple mistakes of etiquette and diligence – if you want a job, if you want a career, you need to know and apply these application skills that we teach in this course.” – Agnes Aistleitner

What is she offering?

An exclusive course in making an impression on that big interview. How do you enter the mind of the person holding your future in their hands? Convince them that if you walk out of the door, they may never see anyone half as talented as you. How do you balance interest in the job without looking desperate? You’ve been told the first person to give an offer loses, but that is not always the case. Learn when to state your terms and when to follow the set ones. This course is based on a global interaction with market leaders in Austria (her place of origin), Asia, the Americas and now Uganda and Africa as a whole.

So, who is Agnes?

Agnes Aistleitner is the Chief Executive Officer of E’ebo World, a global streaming service based in Uganda. A serial entrepreneur, one of her ventures she has also co-founded, a social enterprise supported by UNICEF in Jordan employing Refugee women. In her career she has interviewed and hired many people and therefore hopes to help young people find a job better with this course.

What does the course cover?

The course covers essential topics such as :How to write a resume & application; How to prepare for an interview & ace it; How to present yourself; What employers care about; Follow-up etiquette; Networking Basic; How to increase your chances of success; and How to negotiate your contract.

When will it be available?

This will be a limited course available starting January 5th, 2021 till the 19th.

What is it for Red Pepper readers?

The Red Pepper management has negotiated a discounted fee of UGX 10,000/= for its readers who are interested in gaining workplace or job skills. To secure your discounted ticket, Call Virginia: +256 701 428 306 or Isaac: +256 708 454 690. Or send them an email: |

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