Museveni slams People Power for Using Military Stores, Misguiding Ugandans

Kamuli – The NRM presidential candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has castigated opposition camps for using government property and inciting violence.

While addressing NRM leaders convened at Kamuli Youth centre, Museveni slammed the NUP camp for using red berets and pushing youths to destabilizing Uganda.

“The groups are using Red beret which are for the army. They continue to misguide the youths for their own agenda to destroy Uganda,” said Museveni.

NRM Presidential Candidate Yoweri Museveni and NUP counter part Robert Kyagulanyi

“You should know those that say so much tend not to know anything,” Museveni slams the opposition for being loud and misguided.

To add a voice to the matter, Minister of Presidency Esther Mbayo castigated the youths for being ungrateful, inciting violence and perpetuating women chauvinism.

“We have given you (youths) the freedom, allowed you to dress how you want – from damaged or ripped jeans, etc but you’re now inciting chaos and undressing women and elders,” Hon. Mbayo castigated.

Mbayo cited the chaos that started in district of Luuka after NUP Presidential Candidate Kyagulanyi was arrested for flouting COVID-19 guidelines and holding processions amid the campaigns.

Minister for Presidency Hon. Esther Mbayo

The arrest of Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, led to sporadic riots and protests that rocked Kampala and others towns of Masaka, Luuka, Iganga, Bugiri, among others, lasting two days.

Altercations between rioters and police led to the death and injury of several people subsequent to the provocations.

President Museveni, while addressing the nation on Peace, Security and COVID-19 on Sunday November 29, condemned the incidents and pledged to compensate the families that lost their dear ones.

Security agencies have since nabbed several suspected protestors spotted by CCTV and intelligence.

Mbayo called for peace and cautioned the youths against violence and asked to deal with issues amicably.

The Luuka district Woman MP tasked party leaders of Busoga to dialogue in efforts to address their differences that were affecting NRM’s structure and mission.

Minister for Presidency, Esther Mbayo eulogized Sheikh Muzaata as our own and a great leader in the Muslim Community and Uganda at large.

“I extend my sincere condolences and sympathise with the family of Sheikh Muzaata for their loss under the circumstances at the time. he was at his prime and Uganda still needed him. Covid-19 is here to stay. I urge you to observe the set Standard Operating procedures,” said Hon. Mbayo.

President M

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