Choose Peace Over Violence! Minister Bahati Tells Kigezi Youths ahead of Elections

State Minister of Finance for Planning, David Bahati

Kabale – David Bahati, the State Minister of Finance for Planning, has cautioned youths against electoral violence as the political season gains momentum.

While holding scientific meetings with his voters in the villages of Katenga,Kashenyi, Nyabyumba in Kamuganguzi Sub-county, Kabale district , Bahati appealed to the youths in Kigezi Subregion and Uganda to choose peaceful and non-violent ways of choosing their leaders other than destructive ways.

“Many of you have heard and seen on radios and TVs youths burning car tyres on roads. Youths who are here raise your arms ,we request you especially Kigezi youths to choose the NRM way of peace but not violence,” said Bahati.

Minister Bahati’s appeal comes at a time when youths have been implicated in inciting violence (burning tyres and mounting blockades on streets in the capital, Kampala.

In similar incidents, on last Thursday, and soldiers fanned out across the city with armoured vehicles, a day after the arrest of NUP’s presidential candidate Robertt Kyagulanyi who is the leading vying for highest political office with incumbent President Yoweri Museveni and nine others in forthcoming elections.

“NRM led by President Yoweri Museven fought for the freedom and human rights among which is the right to choose leaders. I urge you to use the same right to choose leaders of their choice than other fighting,” said Bahati, who doubles as the Ndorwa West member of Parliament and Kabale district NRM Chairperson revealed.

Minister Bahati gave an example of countries like Somalia where fighting and violence had become the order of the days and commended the UPDF for its commitment to restore peace.

He instead advised ugandans to use the prevailing peace in the country and take advantage of the government programs like “Emyooga “to develop themselves .

“President Museveni and NRM government brought peace in this country for everyone to enjoy, so please choose the right way,” Bahati said, adding: “ You have the freedom to live your life but not the freedom destroy other people’s life and property.”

He advised voters to choose leaders who promote peace and development .

Bahati advised that if a country is peaceful ,its the youths to benefit mostly now and in the near future explaining that in an election, some people get excited and at times tempt others into acts that break the law.

Minister Bahati said that as NRM, they have decided to follow the electoral procedures especially not to hold rallies and pulling crowds so as to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

He said that no one is above the law including President Yoweri Museveni, saying it was a reason why the president who is the NRM presidential flag bearer is only having meetings with people who are not more than 200 in numbers with masks and observing social distancing .

Meanwhile Minister Bahati appealed to residents to vote President Yoweri Museven and all NRM flag bearers in Kabale district.

On infrastructure, Bahati revealed that in the next 5years, Katuna-Muko road will be tarmacked, Lake Bunyonyi Road from Hisesero-Kagarama-Kachwekano- Bunagana which will connect to Katuna-Muko road through Ryakarimira awaits tarmacking to improve trade and touristm.

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