Museveni Cautions Leaders, Ugandans to Shun Political Groups with No Purpose

President Museveni and First Lady Janet arrive at Kyamate Secondary School in Ntungamo for the NRM leaders meeting and scientific campaign.

Ntungamo – The National Resistance Movement (NRM) presidential candidate, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has cautioned leaders and Ugandans from following political groups with unclear ideology and structures.

While speaking to the NRM leaders (drawn from Ntungamo and Rwampara districts) at Kyamate Secondary School playground (Ntungamo), Museveni urged Ugandans not to follow such groups that do not have Uganda’s best interest at heart.

“Do not be taken by the wave-like a flag that blows to any direction by the wind. These groups lack strategies and ideology to drive Uganda forward,” Museveni said.

Museveni highlighted that NRM leaders were the vehicle that would deliver the party’s ideology and achievement to Ugandans.

In a brief interlude of introductions by flag-bearers, Museveni challenged the leaders to desist from engaging in practices that deny their people services and development.

“Some of these leaders do what they call ‘Okushohoroora ‘eNtaanda’, (stealing from a child’s food container). Unwrapping and stealing from projects and initiatives benefit your people is bad,” said Museveni.

Museveni urged the people of Greater Ntungamo to vote leaders with the purpose that will create an impact in their communities.

The NRM presidential flag bearer cracked-a-whip on leaders for foiling government efforts to deliver development and services to Ugandans condemning the corruption.

On the other note, party leaders, while presenting their memorandum, thanked the NRM government for delivering infrastructure, education, water and electricity in the metropolitan areas of the greater Ntungamo.

They also petitioned Museveni to expedite the grading of the roads linking Ntungamo town to area of Kitwe (Ntungamo), Kaberebeere (Ntungamo), Buteraniro (Rwampara), among others.

On the roads, Museveni pledged to expedite the allocation of fund to work on the roads, revealing that they were boosting trade in the area fostering development in the Greater Ntungamo.

Early, Museveni commissioned the Ntungamo – Mirama Hill road a major cross-border link into the Northern corridor route and also connects to the road network of Rwanda at the border town of Kakitumba.

NRM Achievements Brief for Greater Ntungamo

In the presidential brief, the NRM government has so far achieved a number of milestones in Ntungamo district.

“To date, a total of 151 projects in Ntungamo have been funded by the NRM government that has benefited 1,756 of whom 965 are male and 791 are female,” the brief notes in relation to the Youth Livelihood programme.

About the Women Fund, a total of 192 projects have been financed, benefiting 2,151 women.

The party notes that for the past six years, a lot of inputs have been distributed under the NAADS and Operation Wealth Programme.

“For example, 145,494kg of maize, 70,020kg of beans, 135,000 mango seedlings, 11,160,000 tea seedlings, 2,088,553 pineapple suckers, and 10,686,383 coffee seedlings have been given out in Ntungamo.”

Under the Education sector, Ntungamo district has 466 primary schools, 240 government and 226 private schools. Enrolment in primary schools stands at a total of 129,401 in government 88,188 and 41,213 in private primary schools.

The brief goes ahead to note that two primary schools have been constructed in Ntungamo under Uganda Teachers and School Effectiveness Project (UTSEP).

About 73 secondary schools are in Ntungamo, a district that also boasts of 56 private secondary schools.

Enrolment in secondary schools in Ntungamo stands at a total of 29,107 (9,434 government and 19673 private secondary schools.

President Museveni’s convoy drives through a drive the just commissioned Ntungamo – Mirama Hill road.

Three technical schools and institutions have been constructed in the recent past.

Health Sector

The district has a total of 39 health facilities, 19 HCIIs, 15 HCIIIs, 4 HCIVs and 1 hospital.
“Construction of 4 HCIIIs is at completion stage. Construction 11 HCIIIs is planned for in the next financial year 2021/2022,” the summary indicates, adding, “Ntungamo has an immunization coverage of 83.3%.”

Furthermore, the summary says the district has over 75% safe water coverage, where a total of 740 Villages have access to water.

Energy sector

Out of 33 sub-counties, 28 are electrified and while the extension of power to the other five is ongoing.

As campaigns enter the fifth week, NRM candidate Museveni has managed to hold ‘scientific’ meetings with party leaders, flagbearers and youths starting with Luwero sub-region before proceeding to West Nile, Lango, Acholi, Karamoja, Teso, Bukedi and Busoga sub-region.

Engagement in Greater Ntungamo climax President Museveni’s campaign trail in the Ankole sub-region that kicked off in Mbarara on Monday and later moved Bushenyi on Tuesday.

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