BASELESS! Minister Kasaija Breaks Silence on Opponent buy-out in Buyanja West MP Race

Finance Minister Matia Kasaija and former Buyanja County MP Paul Kyalimpa

Kibaale – Uganda’s Minister of Finance, Hon. Matia Kasaija has slammed critics peddling the allegation that he bought-out or bribed opponent to drop out of parliamentary races in Hoima.

While addressing the press at Rujuni Primary School playgrounds, Kibaale, ahead NRM Party chairman Museveni’s arrival, Minister Kasaija bashed on-going rumours affirming that he is not afraid of competition and looks to serve the people of Buyanja West County in Kibaale.

“I find such allegations unclear and unfair. I beat Kyalimpa (opponent) with over 10,000 votes in the NRM party primaries for Buyanja West,” said Kasaija sending the journalists into a frenzy.

Mr Kyalimpa contested in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) primary elections and lost to Kasaija who garnered 16,539 votes against 6,213 votes. He protested the poll results and decided to run as an independent candidate. 

Matia intimated that he started his political career in the early 1979 for the then Hoima West Constituency in NCC on the UPM ticket but lost in grounds of politics of Identity. He revealed that since Dr. Milton Obote II had accorded the Bunyoro kingdom its counties.

A section of people refused to rally behind me because I was a Munyoro vying on the Museveni’s UPM ticket against Obote’s UPC candidate; a party Bunyoro gave loyalties for fulfilling the return of the kingdom’s parties,” said Kasaija narrating his rise in politics.

He revealed that he continued to ask the people of Bunyoro to vote him until he had proved his worth in the cycles leading up to his rise in the region; trashing allegations that he is not the people’s favorite in the Bunyoro sub-region.

These allegations took the public on short notice after Matia Kasaija sailed through unopposed for the Buyanja West MP, Kibaale District, following the withdrawal of his sole opponent, Mr Paul Kyalimpa.

Mr Kyalimpa quit the race following his appointment as the deputy director-general Uganda Investments Authority (UIA). As a result, the Kibaale District returning officer, Mr James Aggrey Ipeto declared Kasaija unopposed upon reception of Kyalimpa’s letter.

“Please refer to the attached copy of the withdrawal letter and the declaration by the Returning Officer, of Hon Matia Kasaija as unopposed Member of Parliament for Buyanja County in Kibaale Electoral District,” reads part of Ipeto’s December 7 letter to the Electoral Commission Secretary.  

“This is to submit to you, the details of the candidate who has withdrawn from the Electoral Office of Directly Elected Member of Parliament for Buyanja County in Kibaale Electoral District,” the letter adds.

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