Museveni Commissions 50MW Sub-station as Investors Commit to Optimum Production, More Employment

President Museveni Commissions the 50MW power substation at Mbale Industrial Park, Mbale on Wednesday

Mbale – Investors have welcomed the delivery and commissioning of the 50 megawatts sub-station in industrial Park, Mbale.

With the growing investment and number of factories, the demand of power to foster production has increased leaving other facilities struggling and suffering a lot of down time.

“We have previously encountered Power issues that affected our production at this park. Some loses were registered. However, with the power substation we can operate at full capacity,” said Kyle Feng the Administration Manager – Tian Tang Group.

Investors and factory operators expressed gratitude for the government’s efforts to handle the power supply issue.

The mobile power substation has been commissioned by President Museveni, also NRM Party Presidential Candidate, on Wednesday November 25, amid ululation and little shower.

Speaking to the press, Eng. Nalugya Harriet, a Safety and Specifications Engineer under the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL), revealed that the 50MW substation commissioned today is a government initiative to address power challenges.

“The industrial park has several factories and production lines that require a lot of power. The investors and factory management have been experiencing production down time. This has led to losses,” said Eng. Nalugya.

Eng. Nalugya intimated that the transmission power sub-station was tapping power from the high voltage lines connecting to Lira and UETCL is still conducting feasibility studies on the designated section of the park.

She also revealed that the mobile transmission substation Is the first of its kind in Uganda and has been in use for three years now.

“Mobile Power sub-station has previously been used in Tororo to support stable power supply. It is the only mobile substation in Uganda and we are set to establish a substation in the park to restore steady supply,” intimated Eng. Nalugya that after its use the substation will be wheeled-away to the next destination of demand.
With the restoration of stable power supply, the capacity of the factories and production, more job opportunities for the people of Bugisu subregion and a guaranteed uninterrupted operation.

Investment: Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park

The Sino-Uganda Mbale Industrial Park is one of 22 state-level industrial parks in Uganda, which were proposed by Ugandan President Museveni and China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, approved by Uganda’s Ministry of Finance, organized and constructed by the Tian Tang Group.

Since its launch, the project has won great attention and support from the governments of China and Uganda.

The park is located in the Mbale City, eastern part of Uganda, it covers an area of 2.51 square kilometers, 220 kilometers away from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, 65 kilometers from the Kenyan border.

The Park is adjacent to the standard gauge railway project, the transportation extending in all directions is very convenient and the location is traffic hub from Uganda Inland to Mombasa port in Kenya.

The terrain in the park is flat and surrounding labor force is sufficient, electric high-voltage line is in place and the water resources are abundant, the telecommunications and the network are all covered.

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