Hon. Anita Among Gives Facelift to Four Health Center IIIs

Bukedea – Unopposed ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Bukedea District Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Anita Annet Among has financed the refurbishment and furnishing of four Health Center IIIs as a way of improving standards of her people. The work will commence late this month

Millions of shillings will be spent on renovating Kolir Health Centre III, Malera Health Center III, Kidongole Health Center III and Kachumbala Health Center III all in Bukedea District.

The facilities will also according to sources get equipped by Hon. Among’s development partners courtesy of her lobbying.

Speaking to Red Pepper Digital on Wednesday November 11, Hon.Among said the refurbished hospitals will go a long way in extending quality services to the mothers and children and other residents of Bukedea and the surrounding areas.

“As a member of Parliament it’s a blessing to continue to supplement the efforts of the government in the health sector. The improvement of the health sector is not only for the government that is stretched in terms of resources to ensure all facilities are improved and refurbished. The government efforts can now focus on ensuring the health centre is fully stocked and the workers are well remunerated to maintain their levels of motivation,” said Hon. Among.

Sarah Amuge, a resident of Kachumbala A, in Kachumbala sub-county said mothers are happy that their Health Center III will be renovated. She noted that it will increase the number of deliveries and women accessing antenatal services.

Among is among the few National NRM MPs who emerged unopposed after the nomination for the 2021 general elections around the country.

Hon.Among’s good working relationship with President Museveni prompted the latter to ask voters in Bukedea to maintain her and her sole candidature as a woman MP is not a surprise.

Prior to promoting quality health in the District ,other empowerments to Bukedea by Among include among others providing fuel for rehabilitation of roads ,donation of Bicycles to all L.C 1 Chairpersons and religious leaders, boosting different Saccos for Women, teachers, youth with provision of boda bodas, free tents and chairs for all sub-counties used for social functions .

Among’s passion not only ends in health promotion but also education where she Constructed facilities for Primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

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She injected millions on Solar installation for all primary schools, Scholarships for all 1st grade students in both S.1 & S.5, provided of mattresses and 100,000shs to all students that excel, Built a block for Bukole Primary school to improve on the space and constructed a technical school that enroll youths at no fees.

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