Eight Jinja ‘Water Meter Thieves ‘Survives Lynching

Hajji Abbey Moiti , Kiira Regional Deputy Police Commander

Jinja – A group of unidentified goons in Jinja Central Division, on Monday, survived lynching by a mob that found them stealing water meters at the Jinja Regional Hospital Staff Headquarters.

Police are investigating the eight suspects who were found with stolen water meters under GIF: 45/21/11/2020 registered at Jinja Central Police Station.

It all started when a medic who was heading to his night duties at the hospital saw a group of suspicious looking men stationed near the water taps in their residence.

Upon asking them for their identification and what they were doing there, they quickly disappeared, leaving behind one Abdu Makoka who was arrested by the Hospital plumber Sam Waako.

‘’It is Makoka that led us to the hiding ground of other suspects in Ripon and Nile garden where we picked more seven with local authorities and later notified Police ‘’, said Waako.

An alarm was made, attracting several residents who pursued the suspected thieves and caught one of them. The residents beat them up before they were taken to Jinja Hospital unconscious.

The suspected thieves were found with water meters that had been disassembled and ready to be sold. They also had gadgets suspected to be used in stealing the meters.

Dr Charles Okuonzi, the General Manager at Nwsc Jinja Area called on members of the public to be vigilant and help in identifying the wrong elements by reporting them to authorities.

“The Corporation has been faced with the increased challenge of stealing water meters by unscrupulous members of the public. It is suspected that the vice is being perpetuated by the scrap dealers.”

The Kiira region Police Spokesman, Hajji Abbey Moiti, who doubles as the Deputy Regional Police Commander warned the culprits adding that security will use plain clothed intelligence officers to nab them.

‘’We shall not only arrest the sellers but even those who buy such government equipment from these street kids. We are going to deploy our intelligence officers and we ask the victims to report whenever such cases happen ‘’,said Ngako.

Previously, NWSC has had issues with thugs stealing water meters. In the past the corporation has run campaigns to sensitize people to report or arrest vandals caught in the act.

“Water meter theft is a serious problem that the country faces because thugs sell them to scrap dealers. However, we urge the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity around NWSC installations such. All NWSC workers who are on duty dress in company coveralls or coats complete with a logo and wear valid company identity cards” James Bwire, the head of security at Nwsc Jinja told Red pepper.

“Our goal at NWSC is to ensure complete customer satisfaction and this can only be achieved with the help of the public. We have a free hotline, specifically to handle such cases, and whistle blowers are welcome and recognized by the corporation” he added.

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