BUGISU: Umukuka Calls For Close Ties With Govt, Roots for infrastructural Dev’t to Expedite Tourism

The Leader of Bamasaaba, Umukuka III, Jude Mike Mudoma

Sironko – The Leader of Bamasaaba, Umukuka III, Jude Mike Mudoma, has urged the government to engage cultural institutions to foster development of the country.

While speaking the press on Thursday, Umukuka Mudoma revealed that the cultural institutions had strategic plans that can ably expedite development in their respective influence.

“Cultural leader of the Bumasaaba, the Inzu Ya Masaba (Bamasaaba governing council) – prepared the strategic plan of my people. It is important for the government to work hand-in-hand to support the initiatives,” said the Umukuka Mudoma.

Bumasaaba boasts of its rich cultural heritage, resources and arable land. Popularly known for the Imbalu (circumcision) held at Mutoto Cultural Site by the foot of Mount Elgon

The imbalu rituals, which are the cultural transition from boyhood to manhood, are a series of visits to revered traditional sites such as swamps, hills, caves and mud, artefacts, objects and ornaments, music, dance, busera (local brew) and sacrifices.

The cultural activity continued to draw regionals and international attention in tourism and is a gateway to more development in the area

On infrastructural development, the Umukuka rapped government to prioritise infrastructural development; road upgrading and construction, to ease access to the tourism and cultural centres by tourists and people of Bumasaaba.

NRM Presidential Candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni arrives at Mbale SS Grounds to address party leaders on Tuesday November 24

The Umukuka joins other leaders from Bugisu region set to welcome National Resistance Movement (NRM) Presidential candidate, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at Masaba Secondary School grounds in Sironko.

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