Why Jinja North Protested Bidondole’s Victory, Want Lufafa Back on Independent Ticket

Hon. Lufafa at a Constituency Function last year

Jinja – Supporters of the incumbent Jinja Butembe County Member of Parliament Hon. Nelson Lufafa on Tuesday, October 6 protested against the declaration of Hajji Mohammed Bidondole as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party flag bearer for Jinja North Constituency.

Police used tear gas and fired rubber bullets to disperse voters angry about the Bidondole’s victory after a tribunal set up by the ruling NRM to look into petitions arising out of the September 4 party primaries overturned the election of Lufafa as the party flag bearer for Jinja North Constituency.

However, voters and key stakeholders in the three divisions of Mafubira, Bugembe and Budondo that makes up Jinja North have vowed

“Nobody can overturn the power of the people .There are no genuine reasons for usurping power of the voters who endured rain and sunshine to lineup and exercise their mandate. We are already in the field as we speak now and the mood of the genuine voters shows they will support Lufafa bid as an Independent,” said one of Lufafa’s coordinators from Budondo.

Lufafa Shares a light moment with HRH Kyabazinga of Busoga

 ‘’ This is our right. They can’t change it. They can’t play around with the votes. The Tribunal should Respect our choice, we don’t deserve people who can’t perform and we now know the invisible hand against democracy in the party .They have been fighting us from the beginning because we stand by the people but the power of voters is mighty and we shall win the general elections .What Lufafa has done is visible even to the blind’’, added another voter from Mafubira.

Supporters, who argue that they voted overwhelmingly for Lufafa and successfully got announced, are shocked and question the intention of the tribunal that overturned their candidate’s victory without a satisfying ground.  

Hon. Lufafa (R) Inspecting a Razed market in Jinja Last year

When contacted, Lufafa confirmed he will take the test to the people to make their choice in the forthcoming general elections as an independent candidate.

‘’ My people trust me because I have been there for them in all situations .We have helped youth and women development groups , improved health and education services ,supported the kingdom among other people centered projects’’, said Lufafa.

In the September, 4th party polls, Lufafa was declared winner beating Bindonole and Hajji Naggaya who petitioned the NRM tribunal over alleged incidents of violence and other forms of irregularities including vote rigging.

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