EXCLUSIVE: Impact of Sodo Kaguta’s Ssembabule Win

Godfrey Aine Kaguta aka Sodo interacts with locals last year (FILE PHOTO)

Ssembabule – Godfrey Aine Kaguta, popularly known as Sodo, will go down in history books as the man who ended a 30-year reign of Sembabule politics by Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kahamba Kutesa.

Sodo, last Wednesday, delivered a heavy political blow to the Kutesa family by defeating Kutesa’s daughter Shartsi Musherure Kutesa in the Mawogola North NRM Primaries to become the party flag bearer for the upcoming 2021 General Elections.

The primaries had been heavily contested and characterized by violence that has left several dead and many wounded for life. Both camps had blamed the other over violence, voter bribery and ferrying of ghost voters from other parts of Sembabule district.

Kutesa, in an attempt to maintain his grip on Sembabule, had fronted his daughter Shartsi for the NRM party primaries.

Sodo’s open entry into Sembabule politics came as a huge shock to many, reason being as a brother to President Yoweri Museveni, he is also a relative to the Kutesa family.

It is least expected that the Kutesas and the Kagutas would suddenly not have political cooperation. It would be expected that there would be mutual goals and aspirations in politics.


Something, however, has slowly been changing within the greater first family which could change the political dynamics of Uganda after 2021, according to political pundits.

Highly placed sources intimated to Red Pepper digital last night that when Sodo informed family members about his plans to contest against the Kutesas, it was not received as ‘good news’. Some Family members reportedly told him not to stand: he however, stood his ground and told them that he was like any other citizen of Uganda with a right to contest for any political office as long as voters accepted him.

This first happened in 2005, when a first family member showed interest in politics.

Those close to the family recount a principle some members strongly hold about immediate and extended family being involved in national politics. They were instead encouraged to pursue business because of the “dirty nature” of politics.

In the event that “anything went wrong”, some who are already in politics would be expected to intervene in favour of a kin. This would however put them in a vulnerable position in the eyes of the nation. The family in politics would become a soft spot and dangerous one for the party and would spiral the entry of other relatives.

With one of the family members eyeing a political seat, some members were torn between in-house conflict and a full scale battle within the entire family. They opted for peace at home, hoping to deal with the bigger matter at a later date.

That later date has slowly been creeping to this day as more and more members began to mushroom over the last 15 years, in lower elective positions. They have since become more and more aggressive for bigger political positions.

According to insiders, what the nation has just witnessed in the Mawogola North NRM Primaries is the first shot, an open fist fight within the first family and extended family, a signal for others to boldly proceed.

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