Meet Phiona Nyamutoro in Race for NRM Female Youth MP

Kampala – The National Resistance Movement (NRM) elections have been littered by new enchanting faces gracing races to political office. One phenomenal rise is a one, Ms Phiona Nyamutoro.

Phiona Nyamutoro is a Charismatic and Patriotic Ugandan youth mentor and ardent Development Practitioner.

Passionate about amplifying Human Rights Based Approach [HRBA] to Development such as; Girl Child initiatives, Youth Development, Good Governance and Community Social Transformation.

She holds a First class Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies and a Master’s in Public Administration and Management from Makerere University.

She comprehensively secured working experiences with young people in different fields among others, Vice Guild President Makerere University 2015-2016, as a member of the National Youth Council Representing Nebbi District, etc.

Although her skills and knowledge sets are vast, Phiona’s greatest Lord given calls is to Champion positive voices and actions of young people inline with their future demands and to ensure youths in the Country wide realize a free Democratic and well governed society with equal opportunities for all, the reason she is aspiring for National Female Youth MP 2021-2026.

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She hopes that youths across Uganda own this Battle and we Champion the Struggle for the Globally registered endangered youngest population of the Country together, by entrusting youth community growth in her hands for the next political term of office !

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