Agile! NWSC Rushes to Assess affected Systems in Flood -Ravaged Lira

Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha took a boat to Kacung water intake to appreciate the works done so far and the challenges the team go through as they work to serve the people in Lira City

Lira – A team of officials led by Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha, the Managing Director of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), on Wednesday rushed to Lira to carry out an assessment of the damage caused by the recent flash floods in the district.

Following the recent severe weather conditions in Lira city that left NWSC installations submerged along Lake Kwania a tributary of L.Kyoga, Several corporations’ infrastructures were destroyed and thousands of people in many villages by the floods.

Eng Mugisha visited the affected area to assess the effect of the floods on NWSC installations and make recommendations on how they can carry out an emergency intervention in those areas.

Some of the engineering interventions completed to maintain operations include installation of new submersible pumps that operate in water, Built Gambions to protect the installations, Protected the power lines to the installations that were submerged in water and Purchased boats to transport staff to the installations.

Eng. Mugisha also pledged uninterrupted water supply in Lira City despite the challenges the corporation is experiencing.

“We are going to purchase more motorized boats to enable our staff to move to the installations. NWSC management is closely monitoring the situation in Lira and implementing engineering solutions to ensure that our people have clean safe water.” he pledged

In the same development, NWSC is constructing a new spacious office block to improve the customer service experience in Lira town by December 2020

Dr. Silver at the Kacung water intake which was partially submerged in water

Dr. Silver revealed that in line with the GoU’s Skilling Uganda Programme, NWSC is constructing a vocational training Institute at Kacung to build the capacity of its staff to better serve the people of Lira.

‘’Having successfully completed and launched the Ggaba Vocational training Institute, NWSC is working on another institute in South Western Uganda and Kachung in Lira city’’, added Mugisha.

Ongoing service delivery projects in Lira include; Rehabilitation of both Eastern and Western sewer lagoons in Lira, Construction of a new sewer Lifting station, Refurbishment of sewage ponds to receive wastewater from Lira industrial area and additional wastewater from central business center and Dokolo water supply improvement project from Kachung along Kwania lake to Dokolo.

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Other projects include among others the upgrade of pumps, generators, transformers and modifications at all stations intake, treatment plant, Agwatta booster, and water supply network improvement plans in the Lira town.

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