Milestone! Kenzo Becomes first Ugandan Musician Appears on New York City’s Times Square

Kampala – The Uganda Tourism Board ambassador, real name Edirisa Mussuza aka Kaana ka’Mbatta continues to scale new heights in the music and entertainment world.

The Ssemyekozo hitmaker Kenzo on Friday thrilled his fans with news about his yet to be released single featuring Monique Seka, the iconic Ivorian singer.

The announcement was made on a billboard in the United States. Mindblowing, right?! But not just yet! hahaha

Firmly planted in New York at the Times Square, the billboard displayed Kenzo’s picture with the words Eddy Kenzo new single Missouwa remix ft Monique Seka.

Kenzo was excited with this new development as he took to social media to inform his fans.

“Pass by the New York time square in the US, you will see your boy Eddy Kenzo in partnership with @primemusicpartner getting ready to release an African classic we all grew up enjoying titled Missounwa redone with Mama Monique Seka.

Iconic Ivorian Afro-zouk artiste Monique Seka

The first Ugandan Musician to appear on the Newyork Time square billboard,” posted Kenzo.

Missounwa” is Monique Seka’s song and it is one of her biggest. It made her a household name in Africa and far beyond so with the collaboration with Kenzo’, it’s really a big deal.

Monique Séka, aged 56, nicknamed the queen of Afro-zouk music) is a singer from Ivory Coast. With the musical fusion that she generates, Monique Seka’s Afro-zouk music is popular across Ivory Coast, Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean

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