Jinja Pastor Prophesies Museveni 2021 Victory

Jinja based preacher Samuel Lubega foresees victory for NRM’s chairman and incumbent President Yoweri Museveni in the 2020/2021 General elections

Jinja – Jinja based preacher Samuel Lubega has had his say on the Uganda presidential election, predicting a landslide victory for National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Yoweri Museveni.

Pastor Lubega of the Njeru Christian Mission Church, located in Njeru Municipality has predicted that Museveni will win the Uganda presidential election in a sweeping victory against his opposition rivals.

Should he be re-elected in the February 2021 General Election, the veteran politician, who turned 76 this September, will continue to occupy the State House since entering it in 1986.

History has shown that many of Lubega’s predictions in the past that Museveni would win will be true. When Lubega was praying for the end of the 2019 year he foresaw that Uganda would face three catastrophes, everyone believed that it would never be possible. But the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic, Locusts and ravaging Floods confirmed Lubega’s prediction.

“God showed me about the confrontations we are going through as a country and we have been praying. Again God has spoken to me about the winner of the 2021 elections and the post-election situation. All of us should accept that leadership comes from God” said Pastor Lubega.

The man of God also advised the Government that since there Fear of post –election violence hanging over the Ugandan capital Kampala as the country heads to polls early next year, a Post-Election Curfew on the Country’s Capital Kampala should be imposed to avoid destruction of the City.

Lubega’s declaration came as the Country’s attention focused on the contentious elections slated for February next year.

The Electoral Commission in August this year released a list showing that over fifty-eight candidates have so far picked nomination forms to challenge president Museveni in the 2021 general elections and those among others include Matsiko Dan, Bbaale Charles Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU), Christopher Rugaba, Mwesigye Fred, Joseph Mwambazi, Nuwasiima Harold, Eric Bunnet Kiisa, Katumba John, Joshua Isingoma Mugisha, Akileng Bob, Nkangabwa John Habert, Lugudde-Katwe Elizabeth, 19 Kyagulanyi Robert, National Unity Platform (NUP), Charles Rwomushana, Makooma Yosamu Tunawoza, Kabuleta Joseph Kiiza and Tumukunde Henry.

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  1. If he really heard that trush from the Spirit, then am provoked to challenge his Prophecy by declaring that Mr. Kaguta won’t even appear on the ballot paper. “What a walking d…”

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