Abid Alam Group Donates Auto-Sanitizing Booth to UWEC

The team from Alam Group Hands Over an automatic Sanitizing booth to UWEC Officials

Entebbe – The Alam Group of Companies commonly referred to as the Alam Group, a privately-owned conglomerate in Uganda has in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center (UWEC) donated an automatic sanitizing booth as a way of keeping workers and visitors safe from the pandemic.

Recently, UWEC – created by the government of Uganda with the help of the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York and managed by a Wildlife Trust – appealed for Support amid the Covid-19 Pandemic to continue promoting wildlife conservation.

The donation to UWEC on Wednesday is part of the continued efforts by Alam Group to support Ugandan Government in the fight against COVID-19, the latest being the donation of over 100 tonnes of sugar which was received by the Minister of Health Dr. Ruth Aceng in April.

This was donated by Sugar & Allied Industries Limited (SAIL), also referred to as Kaliro Sugar Limited.

‘’ Alam Group is working in collaboration with local authorities, hospitals, Government institutions and NGOs, to prevent the spread of the virus, and lessen its effects. This is a crucial time in the history of humanity, and here in Uganda, we have not been spared from the effects of this pandemic. We all need to do whatever it takes to ensure we overcome this battle’’, said an official from Alam Group of Companies.

UWEC team hailed Alam Group headed by Abid Alam, adding that machine
donated on Wednesday will help protect workers and visitors from the pandemic and argued the team that it’s put to good use.

The company has grown business tentacles with the very aim of serving
the building, mechanical and construction industry of East Africa wholesomely.

In doing so, a host of other sister companies have been formed to further consolidate its set objectives.

Alam Group boasts of a wide range of prized products thus commanding market trends across the region.

Other sister companies have been established in neighbouring countries like KUSCO in Kenya and Casements Africa Limited in Kigali, Rwanda.

By Wednesday 02 September 2020, the Ministry of Health said the cumulative confirmed cases of Ugandans were 3,037, with over 1,489 recoveries and 32 deaths.

Uganda is estimated to lose about $1.6 billion a year in earnings from
tourism as visitors stay away due to the impact of the coronavirus,
President Yoweri Museveni said recently.

However in his forthcoming address to the Nation about the situation if the country regarding the pandemic, the fountain of Honor is expected to lift some restriction of the Tourism Industry.

The Alam Group is involved in steel manufacture, aluminium processing, agricultural implements, footwear, sugar manufacture, electricity generation, floriculture, real estate development and management, tourist lodges and motels and the manufacture of liquid petroleum gas, among other investments both within and outside Uganda.

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