Scaling! Victoria University unveils Prof Opuda as New Chancellor

Prof. Asubo receives the button as new Victoria University Chancellor (PHOTO/Courtesy).

Kampala – Victoria University has on Tuesday unveiled Prof John Opuda Asibo as its new University chancellor in a scientific ceremony that was held in the University’s Auditorium.

In a statement issued by the University, the entire Victoria University community welcomed Prof. John Opuda-Asibo into the VU fraternity and wished him the best in carrying out his noble duties as Chancellor of Victoria University.

“He joins the university at a critical moment and brings to bear his expertise, wide-reach, experience and knowledge that will ensure that the university remains the top private institution in Uganda,” the statement read.

At the function which was broadcasting live on the Victoria University social media pages, the newly appointed chancellor encouraged students and parents to embrace studying from here especially the first degrees because Uganda too has universities with good facilities.

He also called upon students to be genuinely loyal to their studies and obedient to authorities in a bid to succeed in this challenging era.

“You must not bring the status of your family to a university, you risk not learning anything as you pass through it. A good friend should help you on your scholarship mission, transform you positively and assist you to make good connections,” Opuda said

He added that, “It is better for you to form friendships now, your tribe, nationality do not mean anything, Covid has shown us that we are all the same, improving your understanding of people and communities.”

Mr Bill Nkeeto the Acting Vice Chancellor of the university noted that as the education institutions in the world have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the case has not been any different with the institution.

“Victoria University just like any other institution around the world has been affected by the Covid pandemic that has caused a snag in extending knowledge and skills to learners in Uganda and the rest of the region, However, we have put in place all the requirements needed for learning and we are sure that whoever joins will live by the motto Come prepared to learn, Leave prepared to succeed,” he said.

Early this month, Victoria University slashed tuition fees by a half for both joining and continuing students, in a gesture by management to enable learners to study for as low as UGX1 million.

City Mogul Mr Sudhir Ruparelia who owns the university said the revised tuition policy would stretch and benefit learners for the next three years.

“So as an institution, we decided to look into seeing how we can support the community by reducing the fees by half,” Sudhir said adding that, “This pandemic is not only today but here for the next two [or] three years. So the structure of fees will remain stable and we will review in consultation with the student body and the council and the market. I don’t see us raising our prices for the next two or three years,” he added.

As a graduate with a veterinary Medical Degree from Makerere University, he also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health and a PhD in Microbiology, Epidemiology and Public Health, both from the University of Minnesota, USA.

His Public Health training has provided him with multi-sectoral knowledge application in Epidemiology (observational and analytical), Administration, Economics, Education and Governance.

Professor John Opuda-Asibo, has experience in Education, Science, Cooperation, institutional Collaboration and Coordination, Negotiation, Dialogue, Cultural Interaction, Publishing, Grants awarding, Scientific Research, Organising and Charing meetings, Harmonization of Curricula and Educational Systems the latter as a member of the Top Management Committee of the Ministry of Education, Government of Uganda.

Some of the directors during the ceremony (PHOTO/Courtesy).
About Victoria University:

The university was opened in August 2010 and has the capacity, the facilities and determination to revitalize higher education in Uganda and in the region. It is committed to playing a leading role in bringing and developing high– quality, student–centered learning opportunities based on standards of excellence that are unique, innovative and difficult to match.

The university is centrally located in the heart of Kampala City and on the main public transportation routes coupled with ample parking space.

Victoria University is part of Ruparelia Group of Companies, which has a strong presence in the education sector in Uganda and has under its portfolio, Kampala International School Uganda, Kampala Parents School and Delhi Public School International.

The institution is a cosmopolitan university with a wide range of nationalities.

With a reputation as the best private, forward-thinking and modern university in East Africa, Victoria University offers a vibrant and stimulating environment to further your studies.

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