DISAN NTALE: Rebirth Of Kabaka Yekka In Bobi Wine’s NUP

The new political outfit of Bobi Wine known as people power/NUP shows all signs of a one time notorious Buganda kingdom party known as Kabaka Yekka (KY) of the 1960s from the way they behave and intimidate those opposed to them.

Kabaka Yekka abbreviated as KY was a monarchist political movement and party in Uganda. Kabaka Yekka means ‘King Only’ in the Ganda language, Kabaka being the title of the King in the kingdom of Buganda.

The intent of the movement was for retaining the Kabaka’s superior position over any and everybody on Buganda soil.

In May 1961, a small group of men formed the Kabaka Yekka movement in the Kingdom of Buganda. Their simple objective was to unite the Baganda behind the throne, the symbol and guarantee of Buganda’s separate identity. Their great fear was that the election of a national Democratic Party government had marked a decisive era in the destruction of Buganda’s special status within Uganda.

Kabaka Yekka’s appeal to Ganda loyalty was instantly successful, but it was not until the Kabaka’s ministers agreed to accept membership of independent Uganda, and to support Kabaka Yekka in Buganda, that Kabaka Yekka could win popular support and deal effectively with the Democratic Party.

Kabaka Yekka just like NUP is remembered as a Buganda party, and notorious for intimidation, blackmail, abuse, destruction of people’s property and image in order to force everyone in Buganda territory dance to the KY tune.

The famous incident of Ndayiga is still registered in everyone’s memory chip and other related brutality by KY youthful group.

Bobi Wine’s NUP supporters behave exactly like those of KY then, not only are they so intolerant of other people’s views but have rallied all Baganda around it and the Mengo establishment seems happy with it and secretly supporting all that NUP stands for.

NUP has on several occasions’ intimidated people and if you don’t agree with them, it’s better you keep quiet. They have thrown bottles at musicians on stage who they think don’t support their man, they have made social media a weapon through which they will hurl all kinds of insults and abuses to whoever disagrees with their man or supports another camp.

They have intimidated all Baganda musicians and comedians into submission and forced them to support people’s power outfit if you are to survive their insults the only simple protection for you is to support them.

Many of the reining MPs joining people power are majorly from DP Buganda chapter, and all those supporting people power are Baganda youths and former employees of Buganda owned radio CBS have all joined people power. On several occasions their Katikilo ( Prime Minister) is heard using people power “mwebelelemu” phrase. as if to rally Baganda to support their own.

We haven’t seen Mengo establishment condemning acts by people power or the tribal sentiments that are promoted by their outfit.

The above makes one wonder if we are seeing a Kabaka Yekka incarnate in people power, since they are employing the same methods as used by Kabaka Yekka outfit in the 1960s.

However, the people power group should know that the sentiments they are promoting will catch up with them at a later date, “Akabwa Keweyolede” they say.

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