Zombo LC 5 Aspirant turns Koboko politics horrible

Koboko campaigns getting nasty with supporters distorting posters of opponents to their candidate like this one.

Zombo – An alleged aspirant for Zombo District LC 5 race, who has produced posters under the name of Okwaimungu Steven is peddling dirty politics between incumbent Hon. Evelyn Anite and her competitor, Dr. Charles Ayume in Koboko Municipality race.

Mr. Okwaimungu sparkes anger and upset many including Hon. Anite for distorting Dr. Ayume’s poster with a writing “Rest in Peace” across the face, something unheard of, in the history of Uganda’s political races.

At best, we have witnessed people painting some beasts in political party colour or dressing others in party T-shirts, scratching, disfiguring and poking holes on opponent’s posters but none has ever been as horrible as to the extend that Mr. Okwaimungu has done, to drag the two NRM members into, during the forthcoming race.

Mr. Okwaimungu’s faulty argument is that Dr. Charles has failed to make a name of his own, that’s why he has opted to using one of his late father, to get fame.

Many respondents on NRM yellow dots. WHATSAPP group platform belong to NRM part cadres, disregard the act, with some of Hon. Anite’s supporters distancing their candidate from it.

“We in Koboko have not fenced a position for Hon. Anite, she has gladly welcomed a competitor. We believe in healthy competion and may the best candidate win.
Ayume and Anite are our strong NRM contenders, daughter and son of the soil and Koboko wishes them the best.

I urge all of us to have respect for each other and post responsibly to portray our calibre. Let’s not wish our fellow NRM death, we never know what tomorrow holds” writes one PALM.

In his attempt to coerce Dr. Charles Ayume out of the race, Mr. Okwaimungu blatantly states that Koboko Municipality belongs to Hon. Evelyn Anite, so the competitor should back off.

“No death wish has ever been extended to any candidate of political nature whether it be NRM or any Party in Uganda yet.

What one would pick from our brother Prince Okwaimungu’s statement is, our candidate in the names of “Dr Ayume Charles” should let “Hon Anite Evelyn” represent the Koboko Constituency.

However, your submission indirectly seems in support of “Dr Ayume Charles” otherwise, what exactly is the argument and where is it coming from ?

The Country understands Democratic Principles but even if it means seeking for the mandates of Ugandans across, where do you think the result will leave our brother “Dr Ayume Charles” honestly and for sure @⁨PALM” Vicash responds.

Even the minister herself who understands party primaries wouldn’t wish her competitor death.

“Anite has my vote, but let us not wish other NRM leaders or intending leaders death” writes one of Hon. Anite’s voters.

However, the unfortunate incident happened when Red Pepper digital intended introduce Dr. Ayume Charles to fulfil its promise to unveil to our dear reader, those coming to tussle the state Minister of Investment and privatization, who confirmed on this page to have established a firm stamina on her constituency.

According to his media handlers, ” Dr. Charles Ayume, is a man who the voters in Koboko Municipality believe can use every position he finds himself, to better the lots of the people.

Dr. Ayume believes that politics and power are integral parts of human advancement. For this reason, he says elected representatives and political appointees must as a necessity see themselves as servants of the people as well as God’s vessels for the progressive transformation of societies.

He is on very good driven seat” a message post on NRM yellow dots reads.

Dr. Charles Ayume, is son to late Attorney General, Hon. Francis Joash Ayume, former Member of Parliament for Koboko constituency, who perished in a fatal car crash.

A defaced poster

A sober party cadre in the NRM yellow dots, platform counsels members to discuss pertinent issues for the benefit of the people than bothering about opponents.

“I would expect that since we have candidates who have ably presented themselves for elective positions, we should be engaging on matters of policy and the strategies for achieving for our people of West Nile.

We should be humbled to share this space with present and future leaders of our region, why don’t we then structure our conversations accordingly. We shouldn’t be dwelling on ‘why’ people are aspiring but rather what they bring to the table” a party member offers a piece of advice.

Hon. Anite seems to readily conquers with the ideology and she unveils how much worthy she is contributing to develop the women of Koboko municipality.

“Speaking about strategy, next week Brac shall be teaching the women on financial literacy since am giving them additional 92 on top of the 100m I hard given. Thanks to the leadership of Brac who are son’s of west Nile for accepting to come over and teach our women and also giving them startup kits” Hon. Anite’s post reads.

Apart from the financial support to SACCOs in Koboko municipality, Red Pepper digital has independently established that Hon. Anite never abandoned her people during the period of COVID-19 lockdown.

Despite opting to deposits the Ugx. 20 million to Parliamentary Commission account, her constituency received other assistances worthy over Ugx. 100 million inform of sanitation facilities, personal protective equipment, food and non food items.

At least a child in Koboko town is aware of beans and posho the family received from MP. Anite.

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  1. The people of Koboko Municipality warmly welcome Dr.Charle because of his forecase for development not for short term donations like giving women Posho for cheap popularity, We need better development and better foundation for our people.

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