MWAKA LUTUKUMOI: Bobi Wine Transformed Besigye Crowds into Voters

Emmanuel Mwaka Lutukumoi MP aspirant ,Vying for Gulu East

Former Lira Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and Aspirant for Gulu East Constituency Hon. Mwaka Lutukumoi has said Bobi wine transforming People Power from a pressure group to a party he shot 10 birds with one

Lutukumoi, a Ugandan immigrant and celebrated scholar based in Buffalo, New York is a leader with humility, teacher and writer who built up a huge following based largely on his message of power to the people and transformation of lives especially in Acholi and Lango through various platforms.

“The founding of National Unity Platform Party marks the end of Bobi Wine’s political sophistication. The political reality now crops” stated and opined by Onono Bilamoi, an intellectual and a lecturer based in Gulu.

I vehemently disagree with this assertion and of many PP foes and friends. Many were calling Bobi wine’s names “He didn’t want political parties, now he bought one” another screamed.

The moral question is when did he, Bobi or Kyagulanyi abuse parties? He didn’t, only those parties were jittery when he poached coordinators and members of People power from parties.

He was attacked and hated. The remnants and tribalists showed their hate to Hon Norbert Mao by soiling any relationship with Democratic Party and Bobi wine; remember during the UYD reunion how Hon Norbert Mao and Bwanika being attacked and names of moles pronounced.

The strategy was to severe any relationship with Bobiwine formerly with DP. They plotted and forced Dr Besigye out of his hideout. He was for Bobi wine and change.

Elections didn’t cross his mind but defiance. But he almost declared self a no candidate. His pronouncements of not standing met disgust and pressure from those who are against Bobi wine’s presidency. Dr. Besigye loves Uganda and needs change.

People Power Leader and NUP Party President Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and PP Spokesperson Joel SSenyonyi

The NRM and allies within opposition were excited beyond their wildest dreams. Actually President Mao advised DP members who are rallying behind people power groups to rethink getting back because people power is like UNEB exams centre” without a center for exams” many are using it as a justification to call Dr Besigye to run because PP is smartly a party.


Forming, National Unity Party and reconciliation is the dream of Uganda. It hoodwinked all goons. I trust in Bobi wine’s IQ and intellect.

Since 2004 he smartly registered a Party that is likely to cause real
change of a 35 years dictatorship and misrule. He beat security, and
EC. Imagine the amount of money that would have gone to block this,
amount of force and death.

If you cannot up to now believe in Bobi wine, then it will be too late. He deployed real Rabba Dabbar style. Imagine, he is a youth
with mine lives like a cat.

Unlike Dr Besigye who had big crowds but non-voters because they were discouraged from voting knowing perceptively that president Museveni will rig.

Bobi wine vaccinated people and transformed Besigye crowds into voters. Ndagamuntu, go register and vote, we can overwhelm and beat this man. Dr Besigye hit the genesis book of records for being the most arrested. Bobi is a youth; he will hit Genesis books of records as the best runner and a young man who beat a very sophisticated system.

Transforming people power from pressure group to a party he shot 10 birds with one stone. Now those ridiculing the youth will eat their pride. This must send shivers to the spine of the haters.

What we saw is the best thing that happened to the opposition. Let opposition support Bobi wine and protect the votes, if the dictator sits on the rights of voters, defiance follows with opposition United.

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I know with desperation, we may be hoodwinked by the old man. The coming of NUP will help get opposition in all districts represented and rigging limited. Imagine, before, FDC could not afford to place candidates everywhere are claim rigging, truly Dr won twice as President but didn’t know how much was stolen.

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