Katrina: I Don’t Like Wearing Panties

By Fab Mc

Katrina aka Rich Mouth is a female comedian, actress, and journalist. We had a
chat about life. Below is our conversation

FabMc: Briefly tell me about yourself
Katrina: I am an outgoing, loving, self-made person. The only way I would describe rich mouth is I live for the moment. Everyday works out the way I want it to play itself.

Basically I believe in karma. Nyihaho ekishuba I am rich mouth chairman’s daughter Kabuyanda LC 1 Nosi (north) don’t joke. I attended Kabarama primary, Kibubura girls for O' Level in Ibanda district, Buddo SS and I went to Makerere University for journalism and communication studies and I joined acting at minibuz Uganda in 2014.

FabMc: Tell me how you spend your time during COVID?
Katrina: Usually I start my day by working out, do my chores, and then I follow mzees advise which you all know sanitizing aka drinking and with friends okitegelaa while also thinking of new material.

FabMc: Tell me about your love life?
Katrina: Well am seeing myself at the moment kikomaho…

FabMc: How did you join comedy?
Katrina: I was acting wait no I acted once at minibuzz Uganda, aaha yes this was way back at campus I said something out of the blue and so happened that director Andrew Mugyema and editor Kobelo Chris were in the vicinity and they collapsed of laughter at what I had said kumbe me I wasn’t sure of what they were laughing at there and then Mr. Mugyema approaches and he asked me if I have ever thought of joining comedy.

Katrina performing On stage

I didn’t think much of it (actually I was thinking of it on the back of my mind) when I graduated with a degree in journalism I was like what the heck why don’t I give it a try after a few skits am there am set and bammm I bump into one of the greatest comedians Dickens perv we chatted for 15munutes after the chat he is like you know what you can do stand up why don’t you come to Labonita for rehearsals next week I went and met  Timothy Nyanzi and I have never looked back.


FabMc: What’s so hard about your job?

Katrina: First thing is the nerves! The pushups, the running stomach I get before stepping on stage but I assure you once I step on stage it’s like being in my zone everything goes away and I am Rich Mouth on fire that’s how I feel.
Somehow me and the fans we become one it’s like me and my brothers and sisters at home banging kabozi.

FabMc: Briefly describe to me your ideal man
Katrina: Tall dark, handsome, witty, and must have sense of purpose. Basically a cool dude.

FabMc: How many children would you wish for?
Katrina: Twins. One or two more wound be bad.

FabMc: Would you date your neighbor?
Katrina: Yes. Because transport wouldn’t be an issue okitegela I just jump the veranda nga kiwedde.

FabMc: Your favorite attire?
Katrina: I love black but am mainly into shorts and dresses and I kinda have a thing for designer heels.

FabMc: What are your favorite meals?
Katrina: Matooke and nyama.

FabMc: What cant you do without in your house, car, and handbag?
Katrina: Phone, lipstick, sanitizer, mask, eye drops.

FabMc: Complements that sound like an insult?
Katrina: A fan comes up to you and is like OMG I love your jokes whats your name mpozi?  And am like iyiii back to the laboratory ebintu bikyangire.

FabMc: Two things you hate about men.
Katrina: Lazy-guy basically. And those other things that men do, and a man who fights, though I wouldn’t mind if it is for me haha.

FabMc: Who is your inspiration?

Katrina: Zari, Tiffany Haddish, and of course mama Jona aka Bad Black because we are all go-getters. If we say we want to do something, for instance, I say I want to perform on any particular stage I  give it my all.

Go-getter Katrina chilling at the beach in Zanzibar

FabMc: Share your experience on how you dealt with a difficult person and how u overcame it?
Katrina: I went to certain to TV station for the internship I met this receptionist who treated me like sh…I was young, naive, ambitious she made me feel so small made me doubt myself.

I just broke down and cried but then at that moment while I was in the bathroom I looked in the mirror and I was like Katrina you are better than this walked back out looked at her smiled thanked her for her help and just walked out and by God’s grace I got a better gig at Eagle Online newspaper.

FabMc: Which politician would want to slap in the face if you had a chance?
Katrina: Ssekandi, he is doing his job too well, what kind of Ugandan does that mbu over performing.

FabMc: What’s the craziest thing about yourself that only you know?
Katrina: I don’t like wearing panties hahaha

FabMc: Where do you see yourself in 5years?
Katrina: Hollywood baibe and maybe a mother.

FabMc: What is the craziest thing you have done for love?
Katrina: I had a muhindi boyfriend who made me trek (kuzunzungaddi) me on kagele for over 45 minutes nga he had lost his ka bike. Our ka exit strategy mannn!!!

FabMc: We are so grateful for your time; please give us a final message to our readers and your fans as well.
Katrina: To all Ugandans, home and abroad, my fans. Thank you for standing by me throughout all these years, #stayhomestaysafe #pleasesanitize.

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