Irony! Kabale RDC Meddles, Vouches for State Minister Bahati for Ndorwa West

Kabale – Darious Nandinda, the Kabale Resident District Commissioner, on Monday afternoon July 20, raised orchastrated controversy revealing that he would be compromised if State Minister for Planning in the Ministry of Finance David Bahati lost the forthcoming NRM-Party election.

Speaking to the sub-county NRM-Party registrars at the Kabale NRM office, Nandinda affirmed to do all that is possible to have Minister Bahati back in Parliament as the Legislator for Ndorwa West constituency. 

“In a special way, I want to thank Minister David Bahati. Dear NRM registrars, I want to inform you that Bahati is an exceptional leader. He has done a lot for NRM-Party. When we have himself and Prime Minister Rugunda, nothing can go wrong in Kabale,” RDC Nandinda revealed.

He added: “Now, you have a minister who appropriates resources in the whole country like Bahati, who plans for the country and you lose him? …I tell you that we are not ready to lose him and am not ready in my regime to lose him. Losing people of his calibre …no no. I would be compromised if he lost the election.”

RDCs countrywide have on several times been accused of acting in favour of the Ruling party, NRM.

According to the 1995 constitution, the RDC is mandated to Coordinate the administration of Government services in the district, advise the district chairperson on matters of a national nature that may affect the district or its plans or programmes, Monitor and inspect the activities of local governments and where necessary advise the chairperson and Carry out such other functions as may be assigned by the president or prescribed by parliament.

However, the RDCs have seemed to behave contrary.

In Janu­ary 2019, Shadow Attorney General, Hon. Wilfred Niwagaba drafted a bill targeting among other things to repeal the office of the Resident District Commissioners.

Moris Kaitaba, the Kabale NRM registrar commenting on the matter said losing Minister Bahati would be sad news to the NRM Fraternity in Kabale.

“I don’t want to contradict RDC Nandinda but it would be bad news to lose somebody who has been there, delivering services to his people,” Kaitaba said.

Kaitaba warned the Party Registrars to be neutral and transparent during the forthcoming party elections, in order to avoid irregularities saying that some registrars are fond of getting attached to some politicians, which is contrary to their appointment letters warning that such registrars would be sacked from their jobs if anyone was found in close connection with any politician.

“You cannot become a referee and at the same time a player. You must take on one responsibility. In this case, be a very good referee. Be good representatives of NRM,” Kaitaba said.

David Bahati has been in parliament for the last fifteen years and he is seeking his fourth term in office as the Member of Parliament for Ndorwa west constituency.

Several people have expressed interest to dislodge him from holding the NRM-party flag during the forthcoming primary elections who are Simpson Mpirirwe his former chief campaigner, Nicholas Arinaitwe, Dr Gideon Rukundo Rugari and Mark Kworoba Mashemererwa.

Darious Nandinda the kabale RDC speaking during the meeting on Monday while holding Ministry Bahati poster Attachments area

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