GROWN: Chameleone’s daughter Ayla Mayanja Graduates

Brussels — Ayla Onsea Mayanja who is legendary singer Jose Chameleone’s firstborn, graduated last month.

Ayla who resides in Belgium with her mother is a daughter to the singer’s first wife Griet Onsea alias Dorotia.

Young Love: Chameleone poses for a photo with Griet Onsea a.k.a Dorotia

Dorotia met Chameleone in Nairobi as he was hustling with Redsan and she is believed to be the root cause of Jose Chameleone’s success.

Ayla, who turned 18 years a month ago. was born in 2002 in Uganda at a time when her father’s career was picking up but left with her mother under unclear circumstances to Belgium where she currently resides.

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Ayla is has graduated in studies related to Art, Photography, Fashion and Design.

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